Boat Travel in Greece with Kids

If you plan well, boot travel in Greece with kids or island hopping or is super exciting. All kids love adventure and enjoying the big blue sea from a sunny deck can be very relaxing. Most of the Greek islands are well-connected with ferries. There are many route options and there is a large choice between ferry boats. If you are trying to determine how to travel between the Greek islands, then this Boat Travel or Greek Island Hopping checklist will help you plan and experience a relaxed island-hopping vacation. Kids will love going on a sea adventure, spotting seagulls and dolphins during the journey or feeling like pirates and ticking off the islands on their map while parents can sit back during boat travel in Greece with kids and enjoy the blue sky and the sound of the sea.

Ferry boat Travel with Kids in Greece

I have lived in Greece for 25 years. During that time, I have made countless…