Zacinto, or Zante commonly called Zakynthos by the past poets, is the southern and third biggest island belonging to the Ionian group of islands.
Zakynthos, island of big contrasts for the presence of golden beaches and massive rocky coasts, benefits from a Mediterranean temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers; the generous winter rains favour the growth of thick vegetation and assure a remarkable water reserve.
That is why the island is very “green” and in the past, both Homer and the Venetian rulers used to call it “wooded” and “Levant flower”. Zakynthos is extremely popular with foreign visitors. Lots of family hotels, activities for kids and golden beaches make it ideal for a vacation with kids. We have visited Zakynthos very often and were able to pick the best places and tours for a relaxing trip with kids.

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Travel to amazing Zakynthos island in Greece with Kids

Travel Zakynthos island Greece with kids and discover turtles, caves, stunning nature and more! Discover…