Mythology and Pottery in Athens with Kids

Pottery and Athens are closely connected. Did you know that Goddess Athene, invented the potters’ wheel? Recently my girls and I had a chance to try an interactive Kids Love Greece private tour about myths and pottery in Athens. The 3-hour activity included a walking tour from Kerameikos through car-free streets of Athens to Plaka,…

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

We recently joined a unique activity; a Mythology Food Tour in Athens with Kids. A private family tour focussed on Ancient Greece full of fun, learning and tasting. Here’s our review! Short Description of the private Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids “Embark on a mythological journey into Greek gastronomy with the whole family!…

Top things to do in Athens with children 2020

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Top things to do in Athens with Children

Looking for things to do in Athens with children? Search no more! Athens is a great city to visit with kids. There is so much to see and do and although it is an ancient city, Athens is constantly renewing and transforming itself. This is a rather complete and constantly updated list top activities to…

New Educational Activity for Kids in Athens

The latest addition in educational activities in Athens is XPLORE Entertainment Center, the largest theme and educational park in Greece. Kids can experience science and discover the world around them through interactive installations and play. We spent an afternoon at the Science and Adventure theme, and we visited Oceans on a separate visit on a…

Epirus Family Travel

Family Travel in Epirus

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Greeks! Today we meet George Karagiannis from Epirus Travel. George is also the owner of Epirus Adventures. Epirus Adventures organizes (Family) Travel activities in private customized tours and small group excursions by comfortable 7-seater SUV. I recently spent several days in George’s 4×4 driving around beautiful Epirus. A…

28 October or Οχι Day 2019

October 28th is a national holiday in Greece. It is the day that commemorates the rejection by Greek Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940. This day is known by Greeks around the world as ‘Oxi Day‘ (No Day). The day is celebrated not only in Greece but also in Cyprus and in Greek communities around the world. On 28 October, festivities and…


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Hi, Welcome to my blog! I am Celeste, mom of two girls who loves to travel. I have spent 24 years exploring beautiful Greece.

When my kids were born, it became my passion to find unique destinations and quality activities for families. I created this blog to share my experiences with other parents.

If you need inspiration for planning your family vacation in Greece, I am here to help! As a passionate insider parent, I review hotels, places to visit and activities for kids. Join me as I explore Greece with my family!

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