Hydra Island

Hydra island is glamorous and cosmopolitan, calm and tranquil – all at the same time. And it’s perfect for a family vacation. Hydra has an easy-going, relaxed pace of life here. The locals live simply, in beautiful houses with brightly colored windows and doors, or magnificent manors perched on cliff faces with a breathtaking view of the sea. Kids are free to roam around because there are no cars on Hydra. One of the best things about Hydra! You can walk among the cobbled alleyways without worrying about cars or motorcycles, and take in the colors and rhythms of the local vibe. Your children will come to know every inch of this island! From the cats in the port, to the friendly donkeys, the animals of Hydra make great playmates. But that’s not all! Hydra is great for all the family and everyone will have a wonderful time swimming in the sea or exploring nature.

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