Customized Family Workshops & Tours

Making Memories

No matter where we are, we are always in search of unique, local, memorable experiences. What if you could give your family a lasting lifetime experience in Greece? The memories we make act as happiness anchors for our children’s personal growth.

I believe that children are capable of everything. With complete and profound respect for the child and a mindful effort to spend time with each other, all is possible. When you connect with the people that you love most, great things happen.

To help families connect and interact with each other, I can help you find a tailor-made Family Workshop or other unique, personalized experience. I am not doing this alone. Over the years, I have met some amazing professionals in Athens and throughout the country, doing wonderful things with kids and families. Having created this extensive network of truly unique individuals, the idea came to connect them all together and let creativity take its course.

Authentic & engaging activities

An example of a family workshop was the organization of a successful Cooking Workshop for kids with their parents. Together with a Chinese chef, we knitted dough, cooked dumplings, and learned how to make Asian dishes. We also create a private Greek Olive Oil Soap Making Workshop and Art Classes for families. To organize these private activities, I turn to experienced and family-friendly professionals such as established local artists, international photographers, educators, and chefs.

Family Tours in Athens and Greece

For families who want to experience Athens or Greece, I can help to organise private customized family tours with a kid-friendly guide. When it comes to the Acropolis and/or the Acropolis Museum, I only recommend family-friendly licensed official tour guides who can do a Greek mythology-focused tour, engaging with the kids. I know all the guides that I work with.

Local expert & parent

With this extensive network of amazing family guides, I am happy to find you the most suitable tour according to the age and the interests of your family. And because I am a local of Athens, I can also update you with fun things happening in town. Together with my recommended tour guides, you can visit unspoiled places, and focus on authentic local experiences. I value the family bond created when traveling and understand any challenges when traveling with kids.

Tailor-made & flexible

Together with my partners, I will listen carefully to your family’s interests and help you design your own personalized adventure with hand-picked activities. They will design that special, tailor-made tour together. I only recommend local tour guides. They are professional guides that my family has tried and tested and worked with for many years.

Information about Family Tours and Workshops

For more information about customized Family Tours or Family Workshops, please email I have called this initiative Making Memories. Together, we can design a trip or event to create amazing family memories that last forever.


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