Virtual Greece

Virtual Greece is Greece from home.

We are passionate about Greece; not only about Greece as a destination but also about Greek mythology, Greek food, Greek philosophy, Greek history, Greek music, Greek culture and so forth! In this blog section, we bring Greece abroad to you.

Virtual Greece is about Greece online. Virtual tours, apps, learning tools and online trips to museums — there are many ways to explore Greece without leaving your sofa.

We realize that a vacation to Greece is an irreplaceable experience. Virtual Greece cannot replace the feeling of warm sand between your toes on a hot summer day.

But if you cannot go exploring the real thing, if you want to bring back memories of that wonderful family trip, or if you want to prepare yourself for the next, it can bring Greece to your home.

Virtual tours are also great for those families who’d like to research their destination in Greece thoroughly before they visit. Kids especially love digital tools and parents will enjoy visiting an online museum without the crowds or waiting-lines.

Are you ready to explore Greece?

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