Evia island is the second-largest island of Greece. It is near Athens and connected by two bridges to Greece’s mainland providing easy access. A verdant scenery in the north with dense pine forests, which literally end where the sea begins, mountainous villages and island-like towns with Cycladic characteristics in the south, countless beaches with crystal clear water overlooking the Aegean Sea or the Gulf of Evia, countless antiquity sites and landscapes of outstanding natural beauty, give families with kids endless opportunities for things to see and do. The North of Evia combines the sea and the mountain with conifer forests, olive groves as well as all kinds of wildflowers and herbs. Picturesque little mountain villages and pleasant ‘surprises’ of nature come out on every street corner, while one heads for the indented shores of the island and its naval towns, its famous spas, its religious sites and so many other places of great historical significance. In the south, on the other hand, families see a less forested land, but of rare natural beauty. Unique ecosystems with rare flora, beautiful canyons, and enchanting coastline with sandy beaches, picturesque islets, the legendary cape Cavo Doro, but also mysterious megalithic edifices and more!

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There is so much more to Greece than the sun and the sea. For instance,…