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Virtual vacations to Greece | Relaxed exploring from home!

Virtual vacations to Greece | Relaxed exploring from home!

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Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by Celeste.

Has your family trip been canceled or postponed due to the current travel restrictions? Let me introduce you to a great tool for vacations in visual reality. Travel to the Mediterranean and dream away about your next trip to beautiful Greece!

Virtual Greece

Virtual greece

When I plan our family summer vacation, I am always extra careful. It is important that the beaches are child friendly and nearby. Is there a sandy beach near the hotel? Do we need to cross a dangerous road to reach the beach? Is the nearest village really only 1000 meters and can we walk to it with the stroller? Is there a construction site or high-rise next to our ‘quiet’ guesthouse? Hotel photos and descriptions can sometimes be unrealistic. Information about beaches and distances can be inaccurate.


What if there was a tool that would show you, what a beach destination would really look like? What if you could combine images of a destination with a travel style, in our case Family Travel, and find family-friendly places?  This tool exists and it is called Tripinview.

Tripinview is a visual travel website. The platform presents the coastline of the Mediterranean countries in a unique way through 800.000 (!) photos and 300 hours of video taken by helicopters. Real video and photo and no retouch. It aims to change the way you choose your holiday destination and how you plan your vacation. This tool gives you a visual way to explore or choose your next holiday destination.  

Once you find a destination, there is practical information available such as the weather conditions per month and information on the area. The hotel selection method is unique: the hotels that are available on Tripinview are pinned, not only on the map, but also on its images. This means that you can see the exact location and related surroundings. You’ll get a good visual understanding of each hotel’s location, and not only its position on the map. I zoomed in on some of my favorite hotels and I was able to see even the tiniest details such as the location of their playgrounds.  

Virtual Greece with Kids

I found Tripinview also a lovely way to engage my kids. We can make our own Mediterranean ‘bucket list’ and travel while being at home. We can visit their favorite places over and over again. With Tripinview, we can all travel and become explorers!

TripInView is also available on iPhone and Android – available on the AppStore and Play store.

Do you want to see more of Greece from home? Check these following virtual tours:

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