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Oct, 13, 2016

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A year ago I was introduced to the handmade soap bars from APTIPHYSI, a small production company using only organic ingredients and Greek olive oil. The soaps can be used for the skin but also in our home and on our clothes, they are handmade and manufactured in a sustainable way.  I found the following information with the soap:

These are 100% premium quality, natural, handmade soap that has been produced with love for humans and respect to nature and its sustainable resources. A virgin olive oil recipe enriched with shea butter and other selected oils, dried botanicals and clays that offer complete natural care for all skin types. Each soap bar provides hydration, moisture and well-balanced skin with harmonizing aromas, rejuvenating and deodorant qualities. Free from Parabens, EDTA, SLS, artificial colors and chemical detergents.

I was curious and met Evi, the soapmaker and founder of the company. Evi is a Greek mother of two young children who lives in Athens.

When did soapmaking start for you?

It was right after I gave birth to my second child that I turned to a healthier lifestyle and that included body care too.  I started questioning the soap products I used and was getting into a habit of reading the ingredient labels. Making soap for personal use was the beginning of everything!  I made soap almost in the same way I cooked, using traditional recipes passed from generation to generation and selecting only the very best of the ingredients!

How did you decide to start a soap making company?

Five years ago, I was attending a children center in London where women from all social classes went there to entertain or educate themselves and their children. One day, there was a mother, who was on benefits and was explaining how Parabens and other chemicals used in the cheap, commercial soap she could afford gave her child and herself a bad allergy and very dry skin.  It was then when I started thinking of making soaps for everyone.  After some research, I found out how international companies manipulated markets and managed to change the habits; from using soap bars to liquid soap. I learned about the added chemicals and the harm they cause to health and the environment.  It was sooner than later that I registered myself to a professional soapmaking course and then, started AptiPhysi Ltd.

Why is AptiPhysi Ltd different from any other company that makes handmade soap?

AptiPhysi Ltd is dedicated to creating a healthy, natural alternative to soap by producing real, luxury soap products for everyone: women, men, and children.  We value green skincare and homecare and make soap that does not harm the body, the furniture, the clothes and the environment.  We use only the purest and finest natural ingredients carefully sourced from sustainable plantations across the world and not tested on animals.  We are also committed to improving lives. Therefore with every product we sell, we help a person in need by providing soap and water to those who have no (or limited) resources to basic hygiene and cleanliness.

Can you reveal some of the secrets of your ingredients?

Well, we use Kalamata Olive oil from Greece that is rich in anti-aging antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols that can help with keeping the skin balanced and hydrated.  We also use a mix of other superb oils used in cosmetics, such Coconut oil known for its antibacterial, antifungal and moisturizing properties and Shea Butter that due to its cinnamic acid nourishes skin incredibly.  Depending now on each specific soap recipe, essential oils, herbs, and spices are added, all of which have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes.  We believe in aromatherapy and carefully choose what essential oils, herbs, and spices to blend so that they offer the best balance and harmony for body and mind.

What does the name of your company mean?

AptiPhysi is the combination of three Greek words:  Ap (in Greek “Από”), Ti (in Greek “τη”), Physi (in Greek “Φύση).  It means that our products come from Nature.  Sodium Hydroxide is the only chemical we use that is necessary for the saponification process, that when added to the oils, we have soap.  At the end of the saponification process, there is hardly any trace of chemicals in our soaps.  Our soap is fragranced with 100% essential oils.  It is free from artificial colorings, parabens, SLS, EDTA, alcohol and chemical detergents. We use spices and herbs to add color.  Applying our soap and washing it off will not add petrochemicals, synthetics, and preservatives to the environment and will not contaminate water streams or other bodies of water that eventually pollute earth once they go down the drain.

What would you advice to parents?
I would advise modern families to take their hygiene and personal care into their hands and not to depend on some liquid that is brightly coloured, synthetically perfumed and heavily marketed without always offering the best to skin, housework and laundry. I would urge everyone to turn to real soap and include it in their lifestyles. Handmade natural soap has been traditionally used by generations for personal care and it is more economical, environmental, cleaner and healthy for your skin.  It can transform our daily mundane cleansing routines into deeply indulging and satisfying pleasures that tease our senses.

Where can we find your products?

We are relatively new in the Greek market and since we do not have a representative office in Greece yet. Currently, we trade directly from the UK.  If one wants to buy our products, we get orders by email ([email protected]) and we arrange for a dispatch by post, or courier.


A passionate soap lover, I have asked Evi to show me how to make the soap. This has developed into the idea of organising traditional soap making workshops for anyone interested in making their own soap. Family Experiences Blog and Making Memories are currently organising the first and only soap making workshop in Athens. 




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