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Dec, 13, 2020

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Geia sas! You love Greece, I am guessing, or you probably wouldn’t be here. Or maybe there are people in your life who are obsessed with Greece? Greek-themed gifts are a thoughtful way to show your Greece loving friends, co-workers or family that you understand their passion and want to celebrate it with them.

I created this guide of Greek gifts to help you find that perfect present, no matter their age and interests or your budget. You’ll find everything from Greek gift baskets with artisan products to made in Greece candles, books and Greek beauty brands. And it’s ok to add these things to your list too. I know I do!

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Greek Gift Basket

Everyone loves Greek food, don’t they? A Greek basket is an easy and thoughtful present that even the person who has everything will enjoy or share with friends and family. I like this luxury Greek gourmet gift basket that takes you bite by bite around the wonderful regions of Greece.

Greek Virgin Olive Oil

Instead of a Greek gift basket, you can also opt for the most famous products of all; the Greek gold. This Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml) comes in a Limited Edition Bottle from first cold-pressed handpicked olives. The beautiful bottle is a gift on its own.

Books about Greece

Do your friends and family love to read? Choose a book that is set in Greece for their gift. Reading inspires travel and memories of trips past. Click on this link for a list of my favorite books set in Greece.

For children, I recommend books about Greek Mythology such as the bestseller Greek Myths: Meet the heroes, gods, and monsters of Ancient Greece. For more inspiration, have a look at 20 best books about Greek mythology for kids.

I love coffee table books, and a beautiful book about Greece will be a nice addition to every home. Pictured above is the beautifully-designed Mykonos Muse (Classics), a picture book that travels you right back to warm summer evenings in the Cyclades.

For nostalgic travel guides and old school travel stories, you can’t go wrong with the any of the beautiful adventures of Patrick Leigh Fermor.

Classical Mythology A to Z Encyclopedia

An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology is the best gift for everyone who loves Greece and Greek history. Greek Mythology is still so much interwoven with many aspects of Greek culture, food and language. This Classical Mythology A to Z Encyclopedia of Gods & Goddesses, Heroes & Heroines, Nymphs, Spirits, Monsters, and Places makes a great an affordable timeless gift.

Greek Gifts: Fragrance and beauty

Nothing quite takes you back to place like the aromas that you enjoyed there. Is it wisteria wafting in the breeze on the Cyclades islands or the lemon groves of the Peloponnese that bring back those trip memories? Korres Apothocary Wild Rose Eau de Toilette is an everyday luxury that makes a beautiful gift. 

KORRES Pasport to Greece set

Get your friend a Korres passport to Greece with this beautiful gift set with Greek beauty products. Happy Travels!

Made in Greece Olive Oil Soap

These beautifully artisan-made olive oil Greek soap bars could be divided into a number of smaller gifts or stocking stuffers.

Greece-inspired jewellery

In Greece, it is important to look good. Harness that spirit and choose a special gift like these beautiful gold Greek-inspired earrings. I really love them, and I am sure many women will agree with me that they are a beautiful quality gift that never goes out of style.

For the home

Bring a little piece of Greece into the homes of your friends with these Greek gift ideas like the or Greek Islands calendar pictured below.

Puzzles and games

If they are the type to stay home and enjoy quiet, thinking activities, how about a Greece Puzzle that will keep them busy for hours.

These Ancient Civilizations Top Trumps Card Games are a bestseller game. Suitable for the entire family from ages 6 years and up. For more Greece-inspired games and toys, have a look at Must-Have Greek Mythology Toys and Games.

Handmade candles

I am in love with these beautiful soy wax candle gift sets, handmade in Greece. A beautiful Greek gift that will light up every home.

Ceramic Mugs

Coffee addicts may love these funky Ancient Greek Letters coffee mugs. Not a coffee-lover? They have a special tea mug too! This Greek Blue Evil Eye Ceramic Tea Cup is a great Greek gift or souvenir for any Greece addictive friend or coworker.

Greek Christmas decorations and ornaments

My mother collects ornaments from each place she travels to. It’s a lovely tradition and I think ornaments are wonderful gifts. A Greek Christmas ornament is a small and thoughtful gift for those who love Greece and Christmas too. I like this kitschy Parthenon ornament.

I hope you found some inspiration from our list of Greek gift ideas. If you can’t be in Greece, then eat, read, and wear everything Greek!

PS. For more gift ideas; consider a virtual experience: The 10 best Virtual Tours in Greece

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Celeste was born and raised in the Netherlands but lives in Greece for 25 years. She studied at the Dutch Institute of Athens underneath the Acropolis and currently lives with her family in an Athenian suburb. Celeste is the founder of Family Experiences Blog. Whether you and your family live in Greece or are visiting, this blog will show you the very best ways in which to celebrate family life here.

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