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The Gift of Travel for Kids | 3 ways to wrap a trip

The Gift of Travel for Kids | 3 ways to wrap a trip

The gift of travel for kids

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Celeste.

The gift of travel is ultimately the one gift that the whole family can share. A family trip can create lifetime memories for everyone. But how do you wrap up a travel gift? How do you put a trip or experience under the Christmas tree? And if a trip is the big splurge gift, how do you keep it from being the only present under the tree? Here are 3 ideas for making Christmas morning fun. Read on and find out how to give the gift of travel!

1. The gift of travel for kids: Gift certificates or hints

In the past years, my mother sends us money instead of presents. She does this in a nice Christmas card. Another idea is to put “gift certificates” under the tree. You can wrap them or use a beautiful gift box. You can also wrap up the airline reservation tickets. To keep the destination a surprise, you can use hints or a picture of your travel destination. Can your kids guess where they are going?

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2. Explore with Books

Kids will be curious about where they are going, especially if it’s a foreign country like Greece. So give them a head-start on learning about it. Older kids might like books about the destination or a history book. If You Were Me and Lived in…Ancient Greece is a suitable book for a trip to Athens. Younger children will enjoy storybooks, for example about Greek or Roman Mythology. For juniors, I recommend the Greek Myths for Young Children, a bestseller hit for many years with audiences all over the world.

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3. Give Travel Accessories

For young children, gift certificates may not be much fun to unwrap. In that case, you can opt for small travel accessories or travel games. Think of a travel wallet or a small day pack, travel diaries, or a travel toy. Activity books with puzzles or art kits are always a hit in my family. Make sure that you give them right before your trip and the fun can begin!

the gift of travel for kids

Virtual trip ideas

The gift of travel and making memories together is wonderful. But if you cannot (yet) travel far, I would still encourage you to explore and spent time together. So close to your mobile phone and gather together for some quality time on the sofa. Maybe a virtual trip is something that you would like to explore? Such as a virtual Tour at the Acropolis or the Acropolis Museum?

Gift ideas for people who love Greece

No time for wrapping or trip planning and looking for an original gift for those who love Greece? Choose a Greek gift, and bring Greece to your home. Think of traditional products such as olive oil or handmade soap, organic beauty products for something pretty to wear. A family game about Greece is another fun idea. Have them gift-wrapped and delivered to your home, avoiding all the Christmas shopping stress. Here below are two wish lists with ideas for sending a gift to your loved ones, ready to put under the tree.

Are you considering planning your family trip to Greece, but not sure if that is a good choice? You may want to check out here why we believe that Greece is a great place for a family vacation.

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