Simple Photo Sharing While Traveling 

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Shooting photos is one of the best ways to record your experiences while traveling. It offers you tangible memories of the places you visited and insights into what you learned. It is great to share such memories with your friends, family, and channels during your travels. It allows you to show off your experiences and give ideas of memorable places to visit to potential travelers.

Uploading photos online to share them can be challenging. There are different photo sharing techniques you can use to post your photos. You may use websites designed for sharing pictures or opt for cloud storage. You may also use social or sharing apps and many other ways.

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Use websites for sharing photos

There are more than 20 major websites that allow you to share photos online. Many of them are useful free photo sharing sites although you may opt for paid packages. Some offer you chances to earn money by letting people use your pics for business. They provide you with features that allow you to create an album or multiple albums online. The websites are best for sharing bulky photos. They include sites such as the following.

●      Shutterstock. This website leverages top-notch technology to help you store, customize, and share pictures.

●      Pexels. It is one of the best websites to share your pictures and build a unique travel image. You can use it to add your pics and turn them into high-resolution images.

●      iStock. This is one of the preferred websites for saving your photo collections if you envision earning from them. It offers you graphic design tools to help you create stunning photos.

Another important website for sharing photos is AirDrop. It allows you to transfer your photos from iPhone to computer using a USB cable. To perform the task fast, you might want to learn how to AirDrop WIFI. Sometimes you might experience AirDrop not working issues. If you are concerned about why is AirDrop not working, the best way out is to understand the reasons for AirDrop not showing up. The main reason why my Airdrop is not working could be that you haven’t enabled WIFI. If this is the case you will see airdrop waiting displayed on your screen. Simply press the turn on WIFI on your computer and iPhone to solve the issue.

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Use photo sharing apps

The advantage of online photo sharing is that they are developed specifically to help you share pictures. They come with built-in tools to help you customize the pictures you want to upload. You can use the applications to edit your photos in a variety of ways. For instance, you can remove the background, add brightness, or crop your pics. You can get many free or paid software for editing and sharing your photos. Here are examples.

●      Google Photos. Google Photos is an AI-driven app that lets you save your pics and share them. You can use it for editing your pictures or organizing them based on the place you visited.

●      Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos offers you ample space for storing your pictures. You can program it to auto-save after each shooting. It allows you to manage your photo work and customize sharing.

●      DropBox. DropBox allows you to automatically upload your pictures from your camera. You can connect with other devices or accounts to allow quick sharing.

Use social media sharing

Social media offers you the simplest way to share your photos while traveling. It is one of the easiest ways to share your travel pics with hundreds of people in an instant. All that you need is to have a social media account.  Some channels offer you various functionalities that allow you to share your travel photos with ease. They come with editing tools to help you give your pics a smoother look. You can use channels such as.

●      Instagram. Allows you to exclusively share your travel experiences on your smartphone.

●      Facebook. You can add your pics on your page or groups and allow users to share them.

●      Pinterest. It is one of the best channels to share links to your travel photos. You can connect it to your website to make sharing easier.

Create a blog and upload your travel pictures

You may decide to create a photo blog or add a page to your current page to upload your pictures. The advantage will be that your users will see your other website pages as they visit to view the photos. You can create multiple folders in the blog and fill them with photos from different attractions. It is one of the best ways to market your blog and benefit from it.


It is exciting to travel and enjoy unique experiences. However, it can be more enjoyable to share each experience with friends, family, or online audiences. Someone else might get ideas on the best places to visit. There are different ways to share your travel photos with people. You may opt to use your blog, social channels, photo applications, or websites.

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