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5 Engaging Activities For First-Timers Visiting Greece

5 Engaging Activities For First-Timers Visiting Greece


Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Celeste.

Have you never been to Greece and now you have this exciting journey ahead of you? Well, then our article will help you spend your time interestingly and usefully!

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Visit the island casinos

The mainland of the country is interesting for historical tourism, while the islands of Greece are paradise places for recreation and gambling. Gambling establishments welcome tourists all year round. At the same time, online casinos have also been developed in Greece for those who do not really like the offline format but at the same time love the casino concept itself. You can find N1 καζινο and play, earning money, even when you go sightseeing and need something to do on the way there and back.

The most famous gambling centers:

Kerkira is a gambling house located at the Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel in Corfu. This is one of the most elite and oldest casinos on the Ionian islands. Visitors are offered dozens of gaming tables and more than two hundred slot machines with a progressive jackpot. Kerkira is an establishment with a high betting ceiling. Entry is restricted to persons over 23 years of age.

Rodos is a gambling establishment on the island of the same name, located on the territory of an elite building with an area of 1600 sq. m. meters. The lower floor is completely dedicated to gaming machines and slots. The second floor is intended for classic gaming entertainment – poker, roulette, blackjack, and card games. There are also two rooms for VIP guests.

Syros – a casino on the island of Syros is located in the resort town of Ermoupoli based on the former EUROPA hotel. Visitors are offered three rooms with more than 200 slots and 30 gaming tables. Rates range from 30 cents to 10 euros. Persons over 21 years of age are allowed to play.

Go on an excursion to the Island of Life

Spinalonga is an island adjacent to the island of Crete. It is because in the 16th century, there was a Venetian fortress here, which for a long time protected the island from pirates. And in 1903, the island received the unofficial name of hell in Paradise, when a leper colony was organized here for leprosy patients. Due to the lack of medical assistance, the island turned into a living cemetery.

But over time, the patients, who had not lost the strength to fight the disease, established some semblance of a normal life: they began to work and give birth to children. In 1948, the Americans invented a cure for the leprosy virus, and nine years later the leper colony was officially closed. Now the island of Spinalonga is a popular tourist destination that preserves the memory of terrible years within the walls of the old fortress. Entrance to the island costs 2 euros, and for an additional fee, you can ask for a guided tour that will tell you in detail about the events on Spinalonga.

Run a marathon

Surely, everyone has heard about the legend that which the Greek warrior Pheidippides fled to Athens in 490 BC after the Battle of Marathon to announce the victory of the Greeks. In 1896, marathon running first appeared as a discipline and now every year at the beginning of November (this year on November 11) a marathon is held in Athens, considered the most popular in Europe. Moreover, both professional athletes and amateurs from all over the world take part in the race.

Climb Olympus

We suppose that you know that this is the place where the gods lived, and Mount Olympus itself is the highest in Greece (although in fact, it is not even a mountain, but a whole complex of mountains). Moreover, in the area, you will find many hotels and shops, and extreme sports enthusiasts can try to climb the Mountain of the Gods.

Walk around Plaka

The Plaka district in Athens is one of the oldest in the city: you won’t believe it, but many buildings are built on the foundations of ancient times. It is located at the foot of the Acropolis, and offers picturesque views from almost any point. So, Plaka is a true paradise for walkers and it’s a pleasure to come here and stroll along the streets, enjoy live musical performances, sit in a tavern or buy souvenirs for friends. You will definitely like watching sunsets there!

Greece is an amazing place and tourists here will be able to find something to their liking that they will remember long after the trip.

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