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Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Panos Sakalakis.

Take advantage of the time you have together by having your family photos taken by a professional photographer while you are on your holiday. Keep reading to discover the benefits of family photography.

Selfies versus Family Photography

Over 93 million selfies are uploaded to one platform or another every single day. Sure, selfies are great, they’re fun, useful ways to mark and remember any special occasion. Whether you’re by yourself or with friends and family, there’s always room for a selfie! But what if someone else takes the picture for you?! Of all the different types of photo-opportunities, capturing moments together as a family is particularly special. More than just a memento, photos of this kind provide all sorts of additional benefits to you and your family.

We found out during our recent stay in Rhodos where we met Pixelholiday, a team of resort photographers. While we were having fun at the pool, the photographers of Pixelbay made some photos. I loved looking at the photos that evening and found the packages offered good value for money.

The benefits of Family Photography

I much liked the idea of purchasing some professional photos of our fun time in the hotel. Here I have listed some of the benefits of family photography during your holiday.

  • Making Memories; A picture says a thousand words, right? No better way to keep your family memories alive by photographing those special moments. As a family, you get to look back to those moments that brought you joy and happiness. 
  • Value to others; It is so easy to share these digital family memories with friends and relatives. Especially when you do not see each other often or when you live abroad (as I do)
  • Easy; While the kids and I had fun at the pool, a professional photographer did her magic. It is easy as you are already relaxed and happy!
  • Kids change and growth; Kids grow up so fast. Family photos provide a remarkable insight into the changes your family experiences over time. All the photos you take serve as a storyboard. You get to look back through time at the visual proof of how you’ve all changed.

The photo above this post was taken by Pixel Holiday, a young, dynamic company focussed in hotel photography in Greece, Cyprus and Malta. The main business of Pixel Holiday is photography in resorts, water parks, winter sport and weddings we also cover events, and any occasion that requires good professional photography. Here you can find more about Pixelholiday photography. Thank you Pixelholiday for making memories with us!

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  • Hello,we are looking someone for family photography. We are coming to Zakynthos 9th October. If you are available, please send me email with your pricing. Thank you

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