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10 Favorite Games and Toys Deals for endless family fun!

10 Favorite Games and Toys Deals for endless family fun!

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Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Celeste.

Favorite games and toys deals…we just couldn’t resist…

So we decided to make your lives a bit easier. We screened all Black Friday deals for families and kids and put our favorites in this blog post. These can all be found on Amazon, the company that we are affiliated with*.

The 48-hour Black Friday event starts Thursday, November 24th at Amazon with more epic deals added on Friday. Shoppers will be able to take advantage of these favorite games and toy deals through Cyber Monday (11/28).

Favorite Black Friday Games and Toys Deals

Scanning through the deals, we’ve handpicked our favorite kids’ and family products with the best deals. It’s time to shop and earn big. Seriously, all of them are great! See them all here.

Our criteria

We choose 10 of our favorite games and toys. Toys for babies and toddlers, games for the entire family, and products for little artists. As far as toys, we choose durable and straightforward products. No fancy lights or bleep bleep. We love animals and art and that is reflected in our choices.

Below are some top picks by category. Click on the highlighted product titles or pictures for more information and check the Black Friday 2022 price. All deals are discounted from 27% up to 50%. The categories are :

  • Deals on Toys
  • Deals on Games
  • Deals on Science Kits
  • Deals on Artist sets

10 Best Games & Toys

1. Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic Spinning Activity Toy for Toddlers Ages Over 18 Months (Amazon Exclusive)

Gear up for playtime – Remember when you discovered how to sit, spin, and giggle yourself silly. Well, now it’s time for YOUR little one to enjoy the winning spinning fun of this classic sit-on spinning activity toy.

2. Kids Truck Toys Set for Age 3-9

This is a winner for boys and girls. 5 in 1 colorful value package with a TEMI construction carrier truck including a larger transport truck and 4 mini colorful cement mixers / dozers / water trucks. The bodies of these small engineering vehicles can turn and flip!

3. Skillmatics Memory Match Board Game: Animal Planet 

Does your child always win in Memory? Mine does! This game has two fun ways to play. Match tiles to the picture boards or roll the special picture die and match animals to the habitats they belong to. This game grows with your child and builds observational, memory, and spatial reasoning skills. It can be played with 2-5 players, and takes 5 minutes to learn.

4. Skillmatics Board Game : Rapid Rumble

This super fun game is a great gift for 6-year-olds and up. It is educational and clever and suitable for adults, teens and kids. Roll the die, pick up a category card & get ready to rumble! Race with players to think of answers for the chosen category and get rid of as many letter cards as you can. The first one to get rid of all their letter cards wins the game!

Animal Bean Bag Toss Game Toy Outdoor Toss Game

This game belongs to the family party supplies, but it is great for the family home too. I picked it because it seems like so much fun. This 2-in-1 bean bag toss game includes 10 beanbags, 10 balls, and 4 ground nails. There is also a hole board and the dart board that are combined into one, and the two sides can switch back and forth to enjoy different game modes.

5. Toysmith Crystal Growing Science Kit – 3 Colored Crystals 

We tried this and loved it. This very AFFORDABLE KIT forms sparkling crystals right before your eyes. Pour the large bag of white crystal base compound into the bottom of the experiment jar. Follow the directions carefully to perfectly add the special seeding mixture. Perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in geology.


45 Gross Science Experiments for kids. Dissect a brain, burst blood cells and much more fun. This STEM science kit is ideal for kids who love experiments!

7. Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit 

Dig up 12 dino eggs & discover 12 unique dinosaur models: Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs. Find a T-rex, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and much more! Once dug up, find the appropriate card describing the history and characteristics of the dinosaur. The kit includes 12 Dino Eggs (with a unique toy dinosaur in each), 12 Chisel/Brushes, 12 Instruction Guides, and 12 full-colored beautiful learning cards – one for each dino.

8. Dyvicl Watercolor Paint Set

This Dyvicl Watercolor Paint Set has 42 Assorted Colors and is foldable. Included brushes. For kids and students who love to start field sketching and outdoor painting. An ideal gift for all traveling artists.

9. Dyvicl Glitter Metallic Watercolor Set

If you liked the paint kit above, have a look at this Glitter Metallic Watercolor set. I am sure my daughter would love it as she is all over glitter and metallic 🙂 12 Assorted metallic colors, this glitter metallic watercolor paint set features pearlescent colors, perfect for adding detailed metallic accents to craft projects. Use them on flowers, black paper drawing, illustrating, making card, coloring book, resin embellishments, and more. 

10. ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint set

Last year, our friends from the USA brought to the beach an ARTISTRO Watercolor paint travel set. My artist daughters were immediately in love, especially with the pen that is filled with water. We ordered our own set, and they bring it everywhere, even to school. Definitely good value for money, especially on Black Friday. A great present for hobbyists and painting enthusiasts.

* Family Experiences Blog has a number of Amazon affiliate links placed within the posts. If you decide to buy items through these links, you will be helping us to fund this site and perhaps the next family adventure. More importantly, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Win win – we like that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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