Tours in Athens for Kids

Through ancient Greek monuments, we learn about life in Ancient Greece, kids, games, Greek Gods and myths. Tours in Athens for kids can give them that extra insight on themes that kids love. Themed Tours in Athens for Kids teach them about ancient Greek children’s toys, mythology and more. Did you know that the Greeks believed that goddess Athena invented the potter’s wheel!? Kids will love the relaxed Athenian vibe, the street art and the amazing food. Travel back in time and join the children in Ancient Greece and the Greek Gods in these adventurous hand-picked tours through car-free streets of Athens.

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Best Food Around Athens Tour

Food Around Athens recently invited us to one of their food tours. A day of tasting…

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Athens Food on Foot Ultimate Food Tour

Athens Food on Foot Food tour company Athens Food on Foot offers eight interesting and…

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Alternative Athens Tours for Kids

The four-hour Alternative Athens walking tour that was offered to us was called Mythological Athens…

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Review of our Mythology Tour in Athens with Kids

In February 2016 Travel, Bloggers Greece were invited by Alternative Athens to join their Mythology Tour. ‘Discover the greatest…