Making Memories

Family Tours and Workshops

I believe that children are capable of everything. With complete and profound respect for the child and a mindful effort to spending time with each other, all is possible. When you connect with the people that you love most, great things happen. Therefore, do not hesitate. Have a look at our private and customized Family Tours and Workshops, find what you like to do, and do it together with your children!

Throw away gadgets. Forget the toys to stimulate intelligence. Don’t buy devices to simulate what is real. Return to the real. Connect with your children heart-to-heart. Let them gaze at you, at trees and water and the sky. Let them feel their pain. Feel it with them. Touch them with your hands, your eyes and your heart. Let them bond with the living, breathing world. Let them feel their feelings and teach them their names. Let them explore and try new things. Don’t be afraid. Return to the uncarved simplicity

Family Workshops 

Making Memories organizes tailor-made Family Tours and Workshops and unique personalized experiences for children with their parents. An example of such workshop is the private  Workshop at the Acropolis Museum. We’ve also created creative activities such as traditional Greek olive oil soap making workshops, cooking seminars and art classes for families. Making Memories cooperates with professionals in several fields such as established artists, photographers, educators/ school teachers, tour guides and chefs. Follow our Facebook page for up to date information on upcoming family workshops, or please email [email protected]

Family Tours

For families who want to experience Athens or Greece together, Making Memories offers private customized family tours with a kid-friendly guide. According to the age and the interest of your family, we design a tailor-made tour together. The tour guides are professional and licensed local guides that we have tried and tested ourselves and work with for many years. For more information about customized Family Tours and Workshops, please email [email protected]