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Music for Children in Athens

March 14, 2018 0 Comments

Music is essential for children. Classical music is highly beneficial for their development. Did you know that recent studies have shown that making music can make your child nicer, more willing to help, and better at problem-solving than his peers who don’t play it?

If you are interested to expose your baby and child to classical music in a group setting, than the following event may be interesting for you;

The “Music Seasons” quartet is a music event in central Athens in the Vebo theatre. It is specially designed for babies, children and their parents, from the first to the last detail. Dionysis Yambanas has composed music exclusively for this concert, while dancer-choreographer Sarah Toscano has edited and performed a tender choreography. Even the space has been properly shaped: Parents and babies will be at a walking distance from the action, on the stage, sitting on benches and comfortable pillows. The musicians will be moving around, and so is Sarah Toscan herself.

The events takes place on Saturday 17 March and on Saturday 31 March.

For tickets reservations, prices and address details, please visit:



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