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Our Amazing Ancient Greece Experience with Harry Potter

Our Amazing Ancient Greece Experience with Harry Potter

Harry Potter Tour in Athens

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I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have read the books many years ago. My 10-year-old daughter is also an enthusiast and together with her little sister, she has also been watching most of the Harry Potter movies. We especially like that many characters, beasts and other elements of the Harry Potter books are inspired by Ancient Greece. So when we were invited to join a Harry Potter Experience in Athens, we were very excited!

Harry Potter Tour in Athens

Athens is a beautiful ancient city and I always love exploring her with my kids. To do this during a Harry Potter Experience was a dream come true.

The Ancient Greece with Harry Potter Experience is described as follows: This 3-hour Athens Walking Tour Inspired by Harry Potter is the ideal way for the whole family to discover the most beautiful neighborhoods and monuments of Athens while having fun. An experienced local guide and a true Harry Potter fan(!), will guide you to the magical mythological universe of Athens through ancient and modern routes in the city center.

Together, you will bring to life the Olympian Gods, the ancient mysteries, the proud heroes and the eternal legends! Have you ever wondered where the name of Hermione comes from? Or where the motherland of the proud Centaurs are? Why does the Golden Snitch of Quidditch have wings? Who is Fluffy, the three-headed dog, and what is his story? Enjoy action and magic in Athens, adapted to the age of your kids!

Our Family Experience

We started our tour at the Acropolis metro station where we met our wizard and received the much-awaited letter to join the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

DSC05011 Copy Copy

After discovering which house they belonged to (Are you Gryffindor? Are you Hufflepuff? Are you Slytherin? Are you Ravenclaw or maybe something else?) and receiving all their student – wizard objects, the kids and I started our adventure.

Harry Potter Tour with kids

While my kids were completely captured by our wizard and her stories, I enjoyed a laid-back stroll around the pretty back roads of Plaka and Anafiotika.

Harry Potter Tour in Athens

During our walk, we also learned more about ancient Athens and enjoyed beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Harry Potter in Plaka

Harry Potter Tour in Anafiotika

The guide was very knowledgeable. Not only did she know how to avoid the ‘muggles’ and blend in with the locals, she also told us stories about mythology, Ancient Greece and how these have inspired the Harry Potter stories. She was especially great with the children, they loved her, and I am pretty sure that my kids will never forget this magical experience with her.

Harry Potter Tour in Plaka

Secret alleys, colourful roads, mysterious wizards cats and possible wizard doors; the route was car-free, colourful, intriguing and off the beaten path…

IMG 20191221 101708

IMG 20191221 101449

There was plenty of time for us to ask questions and to dive deeper into the stories behind Harry Potter and Ancient Greece.

IMG 20191221 103446

We also had a break in one of the most beautiful and historic cafés of Plaka. Here we enjoyed coffee, chocolate and a traditional Greek spoon sweet.

Harry Potter Tour coffee break

We watched some magic happening in the cafe and read the wizard newspaper. The kids received clues for the second half of our tour.

IMG 20191221 110617

The all-over experience was interactive, there was role-playing, there were quizzes, and questions, and we played games. Stories of mythology were constantly added to the experience, and it was amazing to see the kids being so captivated and entertained while I had a chance to relax and enjoy the city at its best spots.

Harry Potter Tour in Athens

During the second half of the tour, we went from the car-free roads of historic Plaka to the beautiful green spaces of the National Garden. On our way we passed several important Athenian monuments such as the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Here we learned how the King of the Gods is connected to Harry Potter and we discovered the routes of the Olympic Games.

Harry Potter Tour at Temple of Olympian Zeus

Harry Potter Tour in Athens

In our search for the Ministry of Magic, we entered the Athenian National Garden that had been transformed into Harry Potter’s magical forest. It was very special to experience our familiar green park from a different perspective with our wizard and her enchanting stories.

Harry Potter in National Garden

IMG 20191221 124544 1

Water nymphs, mythical beasts and wondrous creatures came alive in the shadows of the trees.

Harry Potter Tour in National Garden Athens

We performed some magic and learned how to create different potions and other wizard tricks.

Harry Potter Tour

Did we see the Whopping Willow?

Harry Potter Tour

IMG 20191221 123452

The walk inside the amazing green gardens may have been my favourite part. The experience ended at the impressive Zappeion building.

Harry Potter Tour at Zappeion

What makes it special to me

Our kid expert guide was amazing and unique. Her energy was contagious. She is specially trained in Harry Potter and a huge fan herself. If you are a Harry Potter and you want also to discover the ancient world of Athens and Greek Mythology, this experiential walking tour in the heart of the city is a great choice. We also got to explore historic Athens and its landmarks such as Plaka, Anafiotika, National Gardens, Tower of Winds, Hadrian’s Arc and the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Zappeion (pictured below).

zappeion building in athens greece during Harry Potter Tour

I found the walk relaxing and interesting for the entire family. Not only did we learn more about the familiar mythological stories, but a lot of new information was added. We dived deeper into history than the usual mythological or historical tour in Athens. Tried, tested and recommended!

More information and booking

For more information about the tour and for booking, please email at

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