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10+1 Outdoor Activities in Epirus, Greece for amazing family time

10+1 Outdoor Activities in Epirus, Greece for amazing family time

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Welcome to Epirus with its wild mountains, picturesque villages, incredible nature and numerous outdoor activities for the whole family. I am you will love our tried and tested outdoor activities in Epirus, Greece with kids.

Outdoor activities in Epirus, Greece

Epirus with kids Tzoumerka

1 Exploring Rema Marks stream

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

Hiking in Tzoumerka is a must. If you are near the village of Theodoriana, you can explore Rema Marks. This stream can be reached by following a hiking path that starts at the village’s entrance. It will take you to the most breathtaking little paradise; a spot of rare, wild beauty, with small waterfalls that create green ponds and shiny rocks. The hike is easy, mostly through dense forest and suitable for families with kids.

Epirus with kids Tzoumerka

2 Hiking to Souda Waterfall

Epirus with kids

The Souda Waterfall is an amazing twin fall is located outside the village of Theodoriana, between Ambracia and Trikala. From Theodoriana you can do two things: walk to the waterfall from the village (30-40 minutes) or drive further Northwest onto a dust road and walk for 10 minutes to this amazing waterfall. Arrived at the picnic viewpoint you’ll see two waterfalls falling over a cliff of approx. 25 meters. Kids will love getting up close to the waterfalls!

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

3 Glistra Hanging Bridge

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

A must-visit in Epirus with kids is the hanging bridge at Glistra. Near the village of Athamanio is the Acheloos River. This river forms small pebbled beaches with crystal clear water ideal for swimming during the summer months. On one of those beaches lies the suspension bridge called Glystra – Golfari, which joins the two river banks. A great adventure to cross!

4 Arachthos Horse Riding Center

Epirus with kids Tzoumerka

The river banks of Arachtos river and the scenery surrounding the bridge are breathtaking. A great activity near Plaka bridge is horse riding at the Arachthos Horse riding Center next to the river. The riding club works with several breeds of horses among others a local Pindos breed, a small horse native to the Pindus mountain range in Thessaly and Epirus. Because of their size, these horses are great for kids to ride.

5 Outdoor Activities in Epirus, Greece: Katarraktis waterfalls

Epirus with kids

The highest waterfalls in Tzoumerka are the ones at Katarraktis village, again the scenery is breathtaking. It is relatively easy to reach the waterfalls by driving up close and park by the kiosk. There is a pave path towards the waterfalls.

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

6 Tzoumerka Activities Center

The Tzoumerka Activities Center is a fun area full of mountain activities an indoor gym for kids and parents. You can also find an indoor climbing wall, a swimming pool, a bike park and an archery field. 

7 Voidomatis River

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

If you like outdoor activities, Epirus, Greece is the right place. After 30 minutes of hiking along a trail from Zagori, you can arrive at the springs of the Voidomatis River, an ideal place for excursions and mountain sports such as hiking, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking.

Click here for more information and to book your guided family hike to Voidomatis River.

Voidomatis is also a great river for an easy canoeing, kayaking and family friendly rafting experience.

Click here for more information and to book a kid-friendly rafting excursion.

8 Papingo Rock Pools

Epirus with kids

The Papigo Rock Pools or Kolibithres are pool like natural ponds between Mikro and Megalo Papigo villages in Zagori. A magical place that is refreshing in summer and great to admire in winter. Kids will love the color of the water and the fairy tale-like rock formations. We visited the Papigo Rock Pools as part of a guided private excursion around the area of Zagori and Vikos.

Click here for more information and booking your excursion to Zagori and Vikos Gorge.

9 Winter sports

If you want to go skiing in Epirus with kids, Metsovo can be your base. It is very close to the Pindos National Park (Valia Calda) and features 3 ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts. At Anilio Adventure Park, kids can join the ski school or participate in all sorts of activities in the now.

10 A picnic at the artificial lake Aoos

outdoor activities in Epirus Greece

Just 20 km away from Metsovo you will find the artificial lake of Aoos springs. The lake stands at an altitude of 1343m. It was created in 1987 to produce energy but has turned into a beautiful and important hydro-biotope. Great for a picnic in the summer or nature walk in the winter.

11. Hiking at Vikos Gorge

Epirus with kids mountain view

The most famous hiking path in Epirus, Greece, is the one at the base of the Vikos Gorge. This gorge is the deepest (1.2 km) in the world. Kids will love the natural surroundings and learn more about geological phenomena. Traces of glacier movement can easily be seen on the limestone base of the gorge.

Epirus with kids Tzoumerka

To make the most of your visit to Vikos Gorge, I recommend a guided hike with a professional trekking leader. An organized hike is safe and provides transportation from and to the meeting point at the end of your hike.

Click here for more information and booking your guided hike in Vikos Gorge.

For families who want an easy hike, I also recommend the 3-hour hike from the Chapel of Profitis Ilias to the Beloi viewpoint, offering breathtaking panoramas of the limestone and dolomite rocks and virgin vegetation.

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Epirus with kids
At the view point

We enjoyed a private sightseeing tour to Vikos Gorge. During this tour, you can enjoy the sublime views of Vikos canyon, visit the traditional villages of Zagori and its most famous highlights such as the Papingo rock pools and the old stone bridges.

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Family Travel in Epirus

Have you been to Epirus in Greece? For a tried and tested Family Guide to Epirus with Kids with detailed information about the above-mentioned places, please click here.

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