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The St. Thomas Community Marousi, Athens | Σύλλογος Κατοίκων Αγ. Θωμά Αμαρουσίου

The St. Thomas Community Marousi, Athens | Σύλλογος Κατοίκων Αγ. Θωμά Αμαρουσίου

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St. Thomas Community Marousi

Having lived in this neighborhood for nearly two decades, I’ve witnessed many changes and events, but this past weekend was particularly special. The newly formed St. Thomas Community Marousi organized its inaugural event, marking a fresh chapter in our local history.

A sports event turned the neighborhood into a vibrant hub of music, laughter, competition, and fun. It was a heartwarming sight to see neighbors of all ages come together, bonding over games, drinks, and Greek snacks. This event not only celebrated love for sports and neighborhood but also strengthened the bonds within our community, promising many more years of shared joy and togetherness.

The St. Thomas Community Marousi

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The St. Thomas Community Marousi is for the residents of the “Agios Thomas” area in Marousi. It was created in 2024 based on the love for the neighborhood and with the intention to organize actions and events for its residents.

Last Sunday, under a warm Greek sun and a beautiful breeze, the first event took place. In the renovated park next to the church, a sports area was created welcoming parents and children to participate in archery, volleyball (mini volleyball) table tennis, basketball, and chess. Music, drinks, and snacks complemented the festive atmosphere.

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It is a no-brainer that spending quality time together is the cornerstone of a strong family bond. These precious moments foster deeper connections, understanding, and love among family or community members. Whether it’s sharing a meal or playing a game, these interactions are invaluable. They build a foundation of trust and support that not only strengthens the family or community unit but also provides each individual with a sense of belonging and security.

And in Greece, the splendid weather plays a pivotal role. The warm, sunny days beckon families outdoors, making it exceptionally easy to bond through activities or simply sitting together outside in the park.  

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The event was set up by the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation GRE Ομοσπονδία table tennis , the Greek Football Federation, the Greek Elephant Table Tennis, the Federation Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Τοξοβολίας – Hellenic Archery Federation, the Hellenic Volleyball Federation, the Attica Basketball Referee Association, and the Ελληνική Σκακιστική Ομοσπονδία – Greek Chess Federation.

The organization was supported by the European Commission program #BEACTIVE, together with BeActiveHellas, they have been implementing for ten years through the national program ΥΠΑΙΘ Αθλητισμού – Γενική Γραμματεία Αθλητισμού. As well as the Municipality of Marousi/ Δήμος Αμαρουσίου and the Environmental Directorate, who donated plants and flowers to the children.

If you’re considering making Greece your home, it’s important to understand that while the state organization and budgets may not yet align with broader European standards, the true essence of Greek society shines through local and private initiatives.

It is my personal experience of 20-plus years that across various sectors, from school parent associations to neighborhood committees, you’ll encounter remarkable individuals who are the driving force behind progress and community spirit. These dedicated people are the ones who truly make things happen, ensuring that life in Greece is as vibrant and fulfilling as the rich history that shapes it.

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