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Work with Travel Bloggers Greece

Work with Travel Bloggers Greece

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Travel Bloggers Greece

Travel Bloggers Greece Members:

Family Experiences Blog is a member of Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG) since 2015, is the first blogger networking group established in Greece. Its members are Greeks and ex-pats who live in Greece and cover Greece as a travel destination in various languages.  The group abides by ethical and professional standards. We encourage positive cooperation, education, and collaboration among our diverse membership. TBG works with Greece-based businesses to help promote authentic travel and increased awareness of Greek travel destinations.

– More than 623,000 viewers per month and more than 222,000 social media followers
– Different Nationalities: English, American, French, Greek, Russian, Dutch, and in 5
different languages
– Specific audiences: solo, couples, families,
adventure, culinary, luxury

We all have our expertise: Professional Travel Writers / Journalists / Hospitality and Tourism Marketing / Professional / Photographers / Social Media Managers / Website / Developers / SEO Experts / Translators / Public Speakers

How to Work with Travel Bloggers

Do you have a story that needs to be told? That’s what we do – we tell stories, the things that make a destination unique. Technically, stories are called “content.” But to us, these stories are the unforgettable life experiences that inspire our work.

What’s Your Story?

Sometimes you know exactly what makes your destination extraordinary. 

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TBG in Epirus, Group’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Trip in collaboration with Epirus Travel

When we arrive at a new destination,  we often see many stories that our hosts haven’t thought of. When you grow up in a place, you might not realize how incredibly special and unusual it is – how the music is wilder, the history more bold and brave, the apricots sweeter, the vernacular architecture more extraordinary. We have been blessed to visit many locations throughout Greece, from mountaintops to the smallest islands at the edge of the Greek seas, and this context gives us an overview to spot what stands out. It also enables us to make connections that put your destination in the center of a larger story.

Many Bloggers, Many Tales

We share a love of authentic Greece, and want to promote it as a 365-day-a-year destination that offers a tremendous diversity of experiences. But exactly what we love, how we see it, and how we share it is as individual as we are. We all write about a well-rounded experience of a destination, incorporating all the key highlights of nature, culture, history, cuisine, and accommodation. But our in-depth connection with a place will differ. Some of us see the architecture and culture and focus on that especially.

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Cuisine and wine tell their own rich stories – some of my personal favorites. Some of us travel with our children and are great at spotting what makes a destination an inspired choice for families and promote that to their audiences of family travelers. […]

What Do We Offer?

As we plan each trip, we get to know from our hosts the kind of coverage they would like, and we deliver an agreed-upon amount and type of content within a specified time after the trip. In other words, if for example, you ask your friends to host us at their taverna, you can say exactly what exposure they will have in return.

However, in addition to our agreed-upon coverage in terms of blog posts, videos, social media, and so on, many of our relationships with a destination are on-going. We keep writing about our experiences into the future at every opportunity that arises, sharing images on our social media, and pointing travelers towards the places that have inspired us most, even years later. We all really love what we do, and the destinations people share with us become a part of who we are and of the image of Greece that we share with the world.

We’re really looking forward to getting to know you, and sharing your story.

Written by Amber Charmei

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For more information on how to work with Travel Bloggers Greece, please download our brochure here.

Travel Bloggers Greece brochure
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