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Athens Science Festival | Workshops 28 April

Athens Science Festival | Workshops 28 April

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Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Celeste.

Information about the Athens Science Festival taking place on 28 April.

A Journey into the Celestial Sphere (Age: 6 – 12). 

This activity gives the opportunity of engaging and becoming familiar with the night sky, a part of the Natural World that has always fascinated and evoked human admiration. We’ll learn about the origins of celestial bodies, the solar system, what are the stars, the constellations, etc. while narrating the myths that named them. We’ll learn basic constellations and how they’re connected through Mythology. We’ll learn how the knowledge of the night-sky is used in orientation, and so on. Through the activity depicting the most well-known constellations, their basic shape and the number of their stars will be captured in children’s memory. Participants: Yiannis Bantekas : Geologist of the University of Athens, PhD candidate, member of Geomythological Society, Ourania Toutountzi : Sociologist, Dr of Panteion University, author of educational books, Elena Petri : Head of Mythological Lab for Kids, Web & Graphic Designer, Emilia Mathe : Philologist, graduate of the Law School of Athens, Department of Political Sciences, Sophia Vlahouli : Graduate of Sociology, Panteion University.

Athens Science Festival activity in English and Greek.

Saturday 28.04 | 11:00 – 12:45 | Venue: PURIFIER.

Price: For 1 kid (4y – 12y) : 3.00 € (for one day) – For 1 kid (4y – 12y) : 12.00 € (5 days ticket)

The number of participants is limited and will be followed by priority order. To reserve this Athens Science Festival activity on your calendar, for more information and the location of the event; check all the details on the English language page of Little City Spots.

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