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Exploring Athens with Kids at the Ancient Agora

Exploring Athens with Kids at the Ancient Agora

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Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by Celeste.

Our workshop with kids at the Ancient Agora was fun and educative. This archaeological site with its many ruins of buildings and temples can really bring Athens’s ancient world to life. Kids will recognize the marketplace and its functions and will be captivated by its history and mythology connected to this place. Here is our review of the Ancient Agora with children!

Update June 2022: This program is not running in 2022. Instead, we recommend this family-friendly Ancient Agora Tour for kids. For more information, please contact

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Kids at the Ancient Agora in Athens

First, a few words about the Ancient Agora in Athens. The Agora or marketplace was the focal point of public life for ancient Athens. It was the space where administrative, political, judicial, commercial, social, cultural, and religious activities took place. It is an important part of the city because the area of Agora was occupied without interruption in all periods of Athenian history.

It was used as a residential and burial area as early as the Late Neolithic period (3000 B.C.). Early in the 6th century, in the time of Solon, the Agora became a public area. As of the early 5th century, the Ancient Agora was known as glorious and richly decorated, set with famous works of art, many of them sculpted from marble. The buildings of the Athenian Agora had marble decoration and housed dedications in the form of marble statues.

Excavations of the area have revealed its marvelous history. Through restorations, we can nowadays admire four colossal figures of Giants and Tritons at the facade of the Gymnasium, the Stoa of Attalos and the Hephaisteion temple. Children will be able to recognize the setup of the Agora and get an understanding of what it used to look like. You can find a detailed map of Agora at the entrance of the archaeological site. I would recommend taking some time and looking at the map.

With kids at the Ancient Agora

This fun workshop with kids at the ancient Agora starts with a welcome at the meeting point at the big tree inside the ancient Agora area. Your kids will be walking around the Agora and discovering its treasures. They will be looking for specific trees and small or big leaves and flowers based on images. Your kids can also become athletes and join in Olympic races! They will discuss life in Ancient Greece and talk about the ancient Greeks. Do your kids like theater? It’s also part of this workshop. While overlooking the Parthenon, kids will learn about the contest between the Olympian gods, Athena and Poseidon, fighting over Athens city and the olive tree. Your kids will also visit the Stoa of Attalo and learn what this type of architecture was meant for.


This creative ride with kids at the Ancient Agora is for the following age groups:Age 4-8 years old or 9-13 years old (min. participant 5 kids – max. 24 kids per group. The workshops take place from the beginning of March until fall sets in. Games can be included with or without the parents. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle/hat / snacks / sun cream. Eleana will carry a Portable Pharmacy – CPR personal service. There will be pantomime and a break for a picnic with snacks/biscuits/water / juices. The workshop ends with painting the leaves and flower prints with colorful paint.

Tours with Kids at the Ancient Agora

For recommended fun and engaging tours for kids at the Ancient Agora and its surrounding areas, have a look at 4 Exciting Walking Tours in Athens with Kids.

Are you interested in exploring Athens with your family? Please know that there are many options. I have tried to gather many on this blog. And we are not done yet. For more activities in Athens, head over to The Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece with children.

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  • The Agora in Athens, Greece is one of those destinations that you won’t want to miss! However, it can be a little tricky with kids. If you come prepared, you and the whole family will have a great time.

    • Yes indeed, so much to see but without someone telling you what you are looking at, it is more difficult with young kids. However, I do love the fact that its so spacious and safe inside, they can run around and still get the vibe of the old monuments and imagine the old market place.

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