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Feb, 08, 2020

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Welcome to another edition of Meet the Locals. Today we meet George Karagiannis from Epirus Travel and Epirus Adventures. Epirus Adventures organizes (Family) Travel activities in private customized SUV tours and small group excursions.

Meet the locals

I recently spent several days in George’s 4×4 driving around the beautiful region of Epirus. I loved discovering the hidden sides of Epirus with George because he was extremely knowledgable about his homeland. I believe that this northern part of Greece can only be truly discovered with a local. George was enthusiastic and kind and also a safe and responsible tour leader.

Ten 10 Questions about Family Travel in Epirus

1. George, tell us a bit more about yourself and your homeland. You are originally from Epirus, where did you grow up?

Hi Celeste, as you say I’m originally from Epirus. My father was from Vitsa, Zagori and my mother is from Tsepelovo, Zagori. I was born in Ioannina, but a part of my life belongs to Vitsa because my family had a small hotel there. Nowadays my base is in Ioannina.

2. What is the place that you love most about Epirus?

I could say Vikos canyon is the place that I love the most, because I ‘ve spent much time over there from my childhood. It’s my home! But also my family and I, we often went to other places in Epirus, usually to Preveza and Igoumenitsa. Because of this I learned everything about Epirus and now I can say that my favourite place is not only one. Some of these places are Acheron Springs, Tzoumerka mountains, Valia Calda and many more

3. From your experience, what do your guests love most in your 4×4 road trip excursion?

The surprises! I love to surprise my guests and make them happy by visiting some more “secret places” or by giving them my mother’s traditional pie. I feel happy and satisfied when I see their smiley faces.

Epirus Family Travel

4. Why should people choose Epirus for their holiday?

Epirus is place that can combine many things such as mountains with sea or luxury with adventure activities. For example in summer, you can visit a place with waterfall to swim, villages made by stone and mountains for hiking (many trails for everyone) and in about 1 hour and a half, you can arrive in a beautiful beach in the Ionian Sea to enjoy the clean blue waters and also to taste the seafood.

Also in winter, you can enjoy with your family the city life and in about 1 hour you can arrive at a great ski centre. You know that the kids love snow! As the name says, Epirus is a small continent!

5. More specifically, why is Epirus suitable for kids?

For me is the nature. As a kid, I remember all these moments and the pictures I have when we went to rivers, lakes, the picnic in sunny spring days with my family, the snow in winter (still playing like a kid 😊), the small cosy beaches between Preveza and Igoumenitsa. All these moments makes me a person who respects and loves nature. This part of Greece is great for family travel in Epirus.

Hiking through Rema Marks in Tzoumerka in Epirus

6. What will teenagers love most about Family Travel in Epirus?

The activities. Every place in Epirus has something to do, like rafting in rivers, canoe in lakes or sea and many more, with safety. But also younger kids love these activities.

7. Tell me a secret about Epirus

Besides the many secrets that are waiting for people to be explored, one secret is that you can visit Epirus in every season you want. Everything changes during the seasons and Epirus offers something new for everyone in every season, even for us who live here.

8. Which dish or local product should visitors taste in Epirus?

I could name so many dishes…! Some of them are seafood from the Epirus coastline; my favorite are shrimps from the Amvrakikos Gulf known as Gampari. Also, I suggest the traditional Epirus pies such as spinach pie or alevropita, and our cooked meat, local cheeses, wines, honey and our many herbs.

9. The best time to visit for Family Travel in Epirus?

As I told you every season has something different. Do you like snow? Visit during the winter. Do you love beaches? Summer in Epirus is great. Do you want to enjoy clean rivers and lakes? Then Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit.

10. Besides Epirus, what other destination in Greece do you love and why?

I have travelled almost everywhere in Greece and the place that I loved most is a small island in the Aegean Sea and part of the Cyclades island group called Serifos. This is a completely different place. It is not crowded and it gives me moments of relaxation. It is also an ideal place for families.

Thank you so much, George, is there anything you’d like to add?

The last thing I want to add is that I really believe that Family Travel in Epirus gives each member of the family a different experience and a different reason to love this place. In every season and regardless of their age!

Thank you, George, for sharing your insight on Epirus and for showing us around. I would love to return to Epirus one day!

Are you interested in Family Travel in Epirus? Click on this link for a complete Travel Guide to Epirus: Family Travel in Epirus Guide


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