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Mayday at Falassarna Beach in Crete

Mayday at Falassarna Beach in Crete

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Celeste.

Countless hours of sunbathing, swimming, and watching the sunset; Tripadvisor’s Best of the Best Awards for 2023 has announced its winning beaches! On the list: 2 beaches in Crete with white sands, turquoise waters, cliffside gems, and even some black-pebble shores. This article takes you to the first winner, called Falassarna Beach.

Falassarna Beach

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Crystal clear waters, pink sand, sun beds for rent. Travel down the beach a bit to the hidden cove and experience blue waters and sand dunes. Stunning!

Falassarna Beach is one of our favorite excursions. It is repeated a few times every summer, simply because it’s one of those places that remain original throughout the years. Falassarna Beach is also one of the most famous beaches in Crete.

As you are approaching Falassarna Beach, the panoramic view will take your breath, as the colors you will gaze at along with the serenity of the place are unspeakable.

Falassarna Beach Ancient Site

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You can combine a beach visit with ancient Falasarna, located at the west end of the area. The ancient treasures that come to light don’t seem to stop, and the excavations are continuous.

You will be amazed by the curved throne you will see on your right-hand side as you are approaching, which is said to be dedicated to Poseidon, God of the Seas in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Falasarna was one of the most important Cretan towns during the Hellenistic period and one of the most interesting parts to visit is the elevated port which is so interesting to access from the land. This has occurred because of the lifting of the west part of Crete.

The Beaches of Falassarna

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The beaches of Falassarna are exotic, and you can make your choice according to your own taste.

If you prefer facilities you can visit Pachia Ammos which is the main beach. It is so long though that it never gets too crowded. Sunbeds, beach bars, and water sports activities are performed and still, you will find the beach quiet because it’s so big.

Or you can visit the beach next to it, which is the one we also visited. The rocks create natural pools and private sections that are fun for the kids.

Crystal clear water

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The water at Falassarna Beach is always crystal clear and usually cold but in a very refreshing way. The sand is tropical white and ideal for the kids to play. The whole area is very clean. If you decide to stay longer, the sunset will reward you for that choice, as it is considered to be the best in Crete. 

We were there for the First of May celebration, so we had to create our traditional wreath. The whole area above the beaches blossoms with flowers throughout the year, so it made it easy for us to create our masterpiece.IMG 8695

Only one piece of advice you should consider in order to totally enjoy your experience; Before you visit take a look at the winds blowing in the area through an accurate site, call the port authorities or ask the advice of a local as most are well experienced.

How to get to Falassarna Beach

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The access both from Chania and Rethymno is through the main highway, which takes you directly to Kasteli and then to Falassarna. 

If you do not want to drive in Greece yourself, you can opt for an organized tour. For instance, this Full Day Trip to Falassarna. The tour includes the 2-hour bus drive to Falasarna via Kastelli, there are at least 4 hours of swimming as well as a visit to the ancient sites of the old city.

Click here for more information and booking.

More beaches in Crete, Greece

I am blessed to live in a part of Crete that hosts many beautiful beaches. Have a look at my blog post about Elafonissi, a tropical paradise in Chania. I also love Balos beach, also in Chania prefecture. These are some of the most famous beaches in Greece. Can you guess which other beach made it to the TripAdvisor Best of the Beast Beaches 2023?

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