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A holiday nanny in Greece

A holiday nanny in Greece

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Family-friendly Greece

Beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas, a great climate and organized resorts. Greece is a top holiday destination for families. Its unique culture in addition to its high standards of services in five-star hotels and family luxury villas make Greece an ideal summer location for a vacation with children.  In Greece, summer is warm and long, it begins in May and lasts until October!

The challenges of a family vacation

While Greece offers the ideal setting for relaxation, a holiday with kids can be stressful. A successful family vacation is one where everyone can rest and enjoy themselves. For adults, a holiday means taking a break from work, catching up on some sleep, read some books and try something new. But many parents know, it can be frustrating to pass that picturesque tavern down the road but being unable to visit it because the baby is tired. You may want to enjoy a hot stone massage or have a drink and some adult time but you do not want to leave your children with the resort’s babysitting service. The children’s needs are different. Children can become bored just sitting around the pool but are easily tired and overwhelmed by an action-packed holiday.  

What can help you?

Hiring a holiday nanny in Greece will help you overcome these family vacation challenges. The holiday nanny can help organizing your vacation and keep a watchful eye on your children as you enjoy your time off. With the help of a summer nanny, parents will have the flexibility to see the local sights that they are interested in at an adult pace. The summer nanny will also take care of evening babysitting so you can enjoy a nice quiet dinner out without any hassle and you will spare your children the long sit at the table.

holiday nanny in greece by kids in greece
Photo courtesy: Kids in Greece

Happy Kids

A holiday nanny in Greece will not just offer free time to parents. With the right nanny, your children will have an amazing time creating new memories. The holiday nanny is trained to work with children of all ages and she has a great source of ideas and ways to help the children spent their time. The holiday nanny will adjust to the needs of your children and create a tailor-made a program based on their interests. Varying from games in the pool or sea, taking trips out or creating summer arts and crafts. The nanny will follow the children’s rhythm and can offer quiet time reading books or relax in the shade during the hot hours.  

The benefits of a local holiday nanny with Kids in Greece


With a local holiday nanny from Kids in Greece, you do not have to worry about organizing a babysitter from the hotel, the summer nanny is available most of the time. Because she is used to working in a varied and changing environment, she is flexible and able to form meaningful bonds with your children. She will guarantee a feeling of safety and comfort. Your children will not be cared for by multiple unfamiliar people as is the case in most resorts creche or kids clubs. Further, the nanny is available when the children need her, you will not be restricted to the opening hours of the Kids club.

Hiring a locally based nanny means that you don’t have to travel with your own nanny and do not need to share your holiday villa with her. The local holiday nanny has her own accommodation.

holiday nanny in greece by kids in greece
Photo courtesy: Kids in Greece

Local knowledge and language skills

The Kids in Greece holiday nanny is locally based but speaks fluent English. Because of her local language and cultural skills, she can help at services such as restaurants, shops, and local activities. With the multilingual nanny, your children will get to know a new culture. Exploring a new place with a local nanny is a magical experience. It can take the intimidation away and help improve the social and foreign language skills of your children.

You do not need to search yourself

If your calendar is already jam-packed, you probably don’t have time to look for a holiday nanny yourself. You want a nanny who has been trained and screened extra thoroughly. Kids in Greece is the expert in screening and recruiting local applicants who specifically meet your family’s holiday needs.

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Making Memories in Greece

A vacation with a holiday nanny in Greece will result in quality family time and spend beautiful moments together. 

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Photo courtesy: Kids in Greece

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  • Such a great post <3 Hope that one day I could have a chance to visit Greece. I love this country because of its various cultural and famous historical architectures. I also have some Greece friends, they are very nice and friendly. I`m sure that my experience there will be one of the most memorable moments in my life. Thank you

  • Hiring a holiday nanny is such a great idea ! it is really helpful : free time for us parents, joyful time for our kids, and quality family time all together. Thank you for this post !

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