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10 things to do on Lesvos with children

10 things to do on Lesvos with children

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Lesvos is the third largest Greek island and is situated in the Aegean sea close to Chios, Samos and Lemnos. It’s one of the best Greek islands to visit as a family as there’s so much to see and do! In this blog, we’re going to run you through the 10 best things to do on Lesvos with your children.

Lesvos with children

Discover Lesvos’ History

There are amazing castles and historical sites on Lesvos,  those in Molyvos and Mytilini are amazing. You can really imagine that you’ve stepped back in time as you explore the ramparts and take in the gorgeous views. There’s also a sanctuary called Mesa that was built for the Greek Gods – great if your kids are into Mythology!

Relax on the beach

The beaches in Lesvos are very family friendly. Many, including the two at Gavathas and Eressou, are so gently shelving and warm that kids can safely play in the shallows. Sun beds and umbrellas are also free nearly everywhere so you can always get shade if your little ones need to be out of the sun!

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Book a boat trip

Depending on the ages of your kids, there’s something for everyone on Lesvos from shorter, glass-bottomed boat cruises, to day trips on the Mercury Express to the white sand of Tokmakia, to overnight sailing cruises around the island’s majestic coastlines. If you’re lucky, you might spot wild dolphins and seals! That’s definitely something your kids will never forget.

The Petrified Forest

Lesvos is an international UNESCO Geopark due to the expanse of amazing petrified forest – trees turned to stone! The park is an awe-inspiring, lunar landscape of huge tree trunks, and the small, modern museum in Sigri is very educational. A wonderful place to visit with your family while you’re on Lesvos, especially if your kids love the outdoors!

Lesvos with children: Delicious Local Food

Real Lesvos has the most welcoming locals and so many family-run tavernas – they will happily serve you and your little ones at any time of day and are always happy to meet any special requests! Kids will love the local mini cheese pies and meatballs (which can always be served with pasta if needed!), and teens will enjoy trying the fresh seafood. Indeed if you’re lucky enough to catch a fish at the harbour, then the local restaurants are usually kind enough to cook it for you! If you visit in June, the Lesvos Food Festival even runs kids cooking lessons.

Open-air Cinema

Visit Molyvos in summer, and you can experience the open-air cinema! Watching a film with the stars above you is such a delight. Usually, the latest kids’ movies are shown two or three times a week in peak season.

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Participate in sports

From volleyball on the beach, to waterskiing in the bay, hiring kayaks from Anaxos, mountain-biking off the beaten track, or horse-riding through the hills, if you’ve got sporty kids who need their exercise, there’s plenty to choose from on the island of Lesvos!

Safety first

Lesvos is a large island with a small population and very low crime rates – it’s a very safe place to be with children. The local children spend evenings playing in the village squares and harbours, often eager to make friends with the visiting children. Greeks love families and so it’s often possible to relax over a meal knowing your offspring are happily and safely playing nearby. Many of the villages have narrow cobbled streets so there’s a lot less traffic too.

Family-friendly accommodation

Lots of the accommodation on Lesvos is suitable for families, from family rooms and suites in hotels, to two bedroom villas to detached village houses. Owners are happy to provide cots and highchairs.

Visit a museum

Kids will love the honey farm at Skalochori and the folk museum at Sykamineas. There’s also a history museum in Mytilini, and an amazing Olive oil museum near Plomari – and for the adults the two Ouzo museums are definitely worth a look!

There’s so much to see and do, check out what else you can discover on Lesvos


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