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In Athens with Kids at the Acropolis Museum | A family-friendly guided tour

In Athens with Kids at the Acropolis Museum | A family-friendly guided tour

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Are you searching for a family expert for you and the kids at the Acropolis Museum? An expert guide specially dedicated to kids and their imagination? My kids joined a creative workshop in the Acropolis Museum, and it was a lot of fun. This article is our tried and tested review of a perfect tour inside the most famous museum in Athens!

Update June 2024: The program described in this post is currently operated by state-licensed family expert guide Jessica Does. Please email for more information and to book your family-friendly guided tour for kids at the Acropolis Museum.

Kids at the Acropolis Museum

Exploring the Acropolis Museum

Some years ago, me and some friends from our international school were searching for an interactive Saturday kids activity in Athens in English. We booked a creative workshop designed by Eleana Paschou. On a sunny Saturday morning we met Eleana and her team in the courtyard of the Acropolis Museum. Here we were briefed about the program of that morning and what our children could expect. After, us parents left and had a relaxing coffee with beautiful views over the Acropolis in the museum cafe.

Our kids explored the museum and its ancient artifacts, did all sort of interactive exercises and ended their morning with a creative session in the museum garden. The kids took home a lovely booklet with their drawings, games and more.

I was very impressed with guide Eleana and her knowledge, more so, with her interaction to the children. Especially educated to engage kids and excite them for what they were going to experience in the museum, Eleana is both creative and progressive in her approach and speaks excellent English. Although I always try to promote parents and kids to participate together in workshops and activities, it was nice to have some time for myself. We parents had lovely discussions and had also time to go around the museum ourselves. If you only visit the Museum Cafe, you do not need to buy an entrance ticket.

Program Kids at the Acropolis Museum

The current program of the interactive workshop in the Acropolis Museum is similar to the one we attended. After a welcome outside at the courtyard of the Acropolis Museum, the guide and her team explain to the children about the rules and the program of the day. Parents can leave and enjoy a coffee or meal at the restaurant of the museum.

During the program, the children will observe the 3D museum, they will be looking for horses, and they will be drawing snakes. Snakes turn into lions, and they will be exploring the second part, up the stairs of the museum. When the children have learned about Hercules and what happened to him when Hera and Zeus invited him to Olympus mountain. Next, the kids will see the statues and listen to mythology stories. After a break for snacks/water/ WC / and to meet their parents (15”), the kids continue to paint with pastels. They will also make a memory photo and have lots of fun dressing up as Olympian gods Athena and Poseidon.

More information

This workshop is for small groups of kids 12-22 per group. The ages are 4-7 years old or 7-10 years old. Special programs for teens are available too. The tour is 2.5 hours. The groups are created according to the ages of the children. Private tours are also available. Time: 10.00- 12.45

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