Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Feb, 28, 2020

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We recently joined a unique activity; a Mythology Food Tour in Athens with Kids. A private family tour focussed on Ancient Greece full of fun, learning and tasting. Here’s our review!

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Short Description of the private Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

“Embark on a mythological journey into Greek gastronomy with the whole family! Taste eternal Greek delicacies, discover their mythological origins and listen to great stories of antiquity and modern Greece! With as many as 15(!) different foods to taste, there is no need for breakfast and there will be no room for lunch! Food is in the heart of Greek culture and there is no better way for your family to experience it than with a kid-focused food tour in the heart of Athens!”

Our Mythology Food Tour in Athens

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

We started our 3-hour private Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids at Monasteraki flea market. Our guide took us towards Psiri while passing authentic local shops locals do their shopping. Our first stop was for a Greek Koulouri in the oldest bakery of Athens.

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Our second stop was in a traditional pie shop. We witnessed how the pies were made and baked, and we taste three different kinds, 2 savoury and one sweet pie. It was great to know that these pies already existed in Ancient Greece! And not much of their recipe has changed.

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

While tasting flavors that survived for more than 2 millennia, we also learned more about the eating habits of the Ancient Greeks and how the foods connected to the Greek gods.

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids
Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

We continued walking through pretty alleys with street art. Most of the roads were carefree making it a relaxed walk. With the Olympian Gods on our side, the kids had a leading role in our journey. Did you know that many streets in Athens are named after Greek Gods?!

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids
Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

We arrived in one of the oldest section of Athens where are the artisan shops are full of scents, colors and sounds. We visited a traditional spices shop with deli meats such as cured meat and sausages.

We sat down to taste Greek meze, all of which already existed in Ancient Greece. While tasting, our guide told us great stories from Greek Mythology while also playing games and quizzes with the kids.

Mythology Food Tour with kids in Athens

After we headed to the Athenian Varvakeios market. Maybe the most interesting place of our Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids. There is so much to see on the market!

Olives, snails, fruits, cheese, nuts, herbs, honey…the market in Athens summarizes Greece’s treasures.

We discovered the origins of the products, how they are grown and where and listened to more stories about the Greek gods. Our guide was extremely knowledgable and very engaged with the girls.

We also had the chance to visit the indoor meat and fish market, you can skip this part if you want. Our guided handed out protective shoe covers as the floors were wet and slippery at many parts.

After we bought fruits and nuts, we headed toward the Acropolis area for a lunch of traditionally prepared souvlaki.

After lunch we were full but there was more to come! We still had to try the most delicious of all Greek treats: loukoumades.

For this dessert, we walked a bit more towards a historic Athenian sweet shop.

Over sweet dough balls dripped in honey and cinnamon, coffee, lemonade and full of memories we ended our Mythology Food Tour in Athens with Kids.

Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids

Information and Booking

The tour was organised by Kids Love Greece. For booking your own private Mythology Food Tour in Athens with Kids, please email

Have you been on a food tour with kids and what did you like most?

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    March 13, 2020

    It is such a fascinating idea to combine the insight into Greeak mythology with traditional food! Something to keep any kid interested&involved 🙂

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