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Marisoles Travel Sandals | The best sandals for traveling light

Marisoles Travel Sandals | The best sandals for traveling light

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Celeste.

Some weeks ago, Canadian-based footwear & accessories company Marisoles asked me to review their South America-inspired interchangeable sandals. We tried, tested, and fell in love. This is my review!

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Marisoles Travel Sandals

Eager to try new travel products, especially in the category of travelling light, my girls and I checked the Marisoles website. We had a good look at the collection and options. Marisoles uses a unique step by step mix and match system. There are soles, uppers and decoration and with these, you create the sandal of your dreams. Have a look at the website because the collection is huge!

Mix and Match

We first picked out our soles. The soles come in 3 different styles and two colours. We choose the traditional flats in natural wood grain colour as well as the black low rise soles. Second step was to pick the so-called uppers. This was more difficult because there is so many choices.

From funky to classic, from sturdy to sexy. My kids loved the colour full fabrics but I preferred the Greek Style laces. We picked a few and added some shiny and wooden accessories as well. The Marisoles interchangeable sandals arrived in a small eco-friendly bag. I was pleasantly surprised with the weight of the sandals, or better said, the lack of weight. Super soft and light materials and quality fabrics.

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Travel Light with Marisoles Travel Sandals

We packed our travel sandals for a weekend escape in May. With only 3 soles and 2 pairs of uppers and 2 pairs of laces, we were able to make countless combinations. At night, we dressed up our sandals with beads and loops.

Marisoles Travel Sandals

With the instruction videos on the Marisoles website, we learned how to tie the uppers and laces in different ways. Changing the uppers was very easy and took very little time. My kids were able to change the uppers themselves. These travel sandals were fun!

Marisoles Travel Sandals for beach and pool

We all liked the soft material on our feet and the fact that we could use them in the water and on the beach. The fabric and material dried up very fast.

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What I loved most is that they are very light on my feet and that there are so many styles possible. From gladiator classic to sporty and chic.

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Marisoles are value for money. With one pair of soles and a few uppers, you get to create 100 of looks! Soles start from 25 dollar and uppers from 20 dollar. Free shipping in the USA and Canada.

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I find Marisoles sandals a unique and innovative product. They are ideal for travelling light. They combine super comfy mix and match sandals for mother and daughter with quality and style. All you need is one pair of soles and a few uppers or laces and you are fashionable your entire vacation! I can’t wait to bring the black ones on my next trip and go for a more sporty or urban style. I loved this product and recommend it!

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