Visit the botanical gardens in Chania, Crete, a beautiful day out!

Botanical gardens

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Today we will take you to one of the places that inspire us the most, not only for its natural beauty and excellent services but for its original story.

The botanical gardens in Chania

Located on the outskirts of Chania, the botanical gardens are an easy half-hour drive on the foothills of the White Mountains. The entire area was heavily destroyed back in 2004 by a furious fire, leaving behind only ashes and sorrow as the ecological and economical destruction that occurred was unspoken. But the ashes for those with a clear view and love for life can turn to a precious gift back to the environment and the people, so the idea of the botanical gardens was set in action.

Today thousands of visitors and locals enjoy the beautiful pathway that will amaze you not only with the local flora and fauna but also with the tropical plantation, exotic fruits, medical herbs and more pleasant surprises will unfold before your eyes as you proceed this friendly to walk path.

Easy to walk both for kids and elderly people, with lots of nicely placed resting spots, and beautiful handmade artistic decorations you will never feel tired or bored. 

The path will take you to a beautiful lake which is surrounded by colourful peacocks, turtles, ducks and geese, and also two small farms with deer, local kri kris goats and donkeys that will excite the kids.

A nice place to rest make lots of pictures, relax and continue your way exploring more plants, artworks, walk under the vineyards to finally reach the amphitheater which will take you to the restaurant.

Not only you will enjoy their special cuisine with local ingredients, but you will also be treated with exotic fruits from the park you will be tasting for the first time. The view from the restaurant is amazing, and you will enjoy the peaceful feeling.

The park is open from spring till late fall and its easily accessible from Chania. You will notice that there are signs on all the main streets that will direct you. Just wear comfortable walking shoes, avoid very hot summer hours, and feel for your self that from the ashes may rise a miracle.

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  • Want very much to visit here would also be interested in many other manageable walks
    I usua6visit in June and stay Georgeopolis as a single traveller

    • Thank you for your comment Yvonne, Natassa is the local insider expert to tell you more about walks in the area as she is there out and about with her kids! She will get in touch!

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