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Travel Item Finder SpotyPal

Travel Item Finder SpotyPal

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Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Panos Sakalakis.

Think of a friend that helps you find your keys or phone at home, tracks your luggage while travelling or locates your gone-missing pet. A pal that can wake you up and keeps you safe. This month we reviewed SpotyPal, the ultimate item finder.

Travel Item Finder SpotyPal

Meet Rosie. Rosie is my daughters pink seahorse. Plushy Rosie is an active traveller, she never missed a trip to Greece. But a few summers ago, we came home from our family holiday without our beloved Rosie. The seahorse had gone missing, and we could not find her.

It was a parenting moment I’d been dreading and one I thought we’d managed to avoid. Rosie, the toy that my daughter had become fiercely attached to was gone. We were not sure if we had lost her at the resort, during our road trip back or somewhere else. Needless to say, Rosie was not found and oh boy did it take a while to get my daughter to sleep that night. Impossible to track Rosie’s last location, we used our best parenting skills and made her forget about the precious pink hippocampus. Life went on. Fortunately, we went to the same resort hotel a year later and to our very big surprise, our beloved Rosie had been lying at the Lost and Found for over a year. My daughter was reunited with her favourite toy. A familiar experience to you? OK—there are way worse problems to have in this world, but losing a favourite toy is often a parent’s worst nightmare.

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Travel item finder SpotyPal

The drama could have been prevented with Travel item finder SpotyPal, an item finder for travel and use at home. SpotyPal is a small device that can be attached to valuable items such as your wallet or keys as well as to your pet, luggage or purse. Via an app on your smart phone and Bluetooth connection, the location of a missing item can be traced.

A few weeks ago we received a SpotyPal to review. We decided to connect it to my car keys. An item that I am often searching for. Coming home with arms full of groceries or hands full of shopping bags, dropping everything on the table and getting distracted by a child or task. Not to mention the many times that I actually lost my car keys in the park or during a road trip. With SpotyPal attached to the car keyholder, all we did was press a button, listening for the ring, and we located my keys in seconds.

This was relatively easy inside the house. But what if you are too far from your lost item to hear the ring? We tested this going for a walk and leaving the keys behind. Immediately a message appeared on my pone telling me that I was getting separated from my keys. And in order to find them, I simply pressed on ‘keys’ in the app activating a map with directions back to the location of the keys.

Favourite SpotyPal features

SpotyPal is a lightweight, well-manufactured product of hard plastic designed to handle spills, falls, and the general abuse that any product that spends time in pockets and purses will inevitably face. It had perfect reliability from all real-world distances, was loud enough to notice and had a user-friendly smartphone app. The pairing process with my phone was painless. After creating an account and logging in, there is a simple step-by-step process that helps you add a device to the SpotyPal and vice versa. All you have to do is keep the phone near the device, press a LED light button, give it a name, and test that it is in fact paired with the phone. I like the two-way separation alert. Not only can your phone find an item, you can also use SpotyPal to find your phone by pressing the button to ring the phone. The app also features a not-to-forget list, a crowd-finding function and a wake up alarm. The battery in the SpotyPal is replaceable. There is one feature on SpotyPal that I hopefully never have to use. The panic button activates a loud alarm and sends a predefined SOS message with your location to your (predefined) contact persons. This can be very useful when walking home at night and feeling unsafe.

Our verdict

Travel item finder SpotyPal is an easy to use time finder with some very helpful features. It will save you time, energy and guarantees peace of mind. I recommend SpotyPal especially to travellers and busy families. Tiny SpotyPal comes in red, white and dark blue and costs 29 Euros making it a value for money item tracker. Finally, it is a great gift for everyone to make keeping track of important things easy.

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