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Visit Amazing Delphi with Kids in Greece

Visit Amazing Delphi with Kids in Greece

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Delphi is a religious center dedicated to Apollo and a spectacular place for children to explore during holidays in Greece. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for families who love Greek Ancient history and mythology. I have been to Delphi several times before but in July 2020, I visited the site again with my family and friends. Here is what you need to know before you visit Delphi with kids!

Delphi with kids

To make the most out of your visit to Delphi with kids, I recommend you to read about Greek Mythology before your trip. I have listed my recommended mythology books for kids in the post 20 Best Greek Mythology Books for Kids.

The navel of the earth

Located on Mt. Parnassus, in ancient legend, Delphi was originally the home of Python, the serpent son of Mother Earth, and Poseidon. Apollo, arriving as (or riding on) a dolphin, killed the serpent, which was buried in the omphalos, the belly button of the world. The sanctuary of Delphi was at its peak during the 8th century BC. During that period, the citizens of most Greek cities would travel to Delphi and consult the oracle when they needed to take an important decision.

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The ancient Greeks considered this place to be the navel of the earth. In Delphi, you will see impressive monuments such as the Athenian Treasury, the Theatre, the Temple of Apollo, the Navel of the Earth, the Sacred Way, the Apollo Temple, and many more!

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Tip: In summer, bring lots of water with you.

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Our visit to Delphi with kids

We opted for a private guided tour with Delphi Guided Tours and immersed ourselves in the history of Delphi.

Delphi with kids

We met our local state-licensed guide, Georgia, at the entrance of the archaeological site. Georgia is a local, born and raised in Delphi. She was amazing with the kids and very knowledgeable.

From the entrance of the site, we followed Georgia the Holy Route or Sacred Way to the Athenian Treasury and to the Temple of Apollo to consult the oracle of Pythia.

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Then, we headed north to visit the ancient theater. We imagined music from the ancient concerts, saw engravings on the rocks, and climbed to the highest spot in the ancient Stadium.

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Sanctuary of Apollo 

The Sacred Precinct is a big complex, built at different times, from 600 BC into the Roman era. As you walk up the Sacred Way, you just have to imagine all the buildings and sculptures on either side. In the first section, there were tons of bronze statues, then several treasuries, and small buildings where cities displayed their power and wealth.

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Apollo and Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, Apollo was the God of Light, and it was his job to pull the sun across the sky in his 4-horse chariot every day. He has also been referred to as the God of music, poetry, art, medicine, knowledge, plague, and archery.

Apollo was the son of Zeus (the God of Thunder) and Leto. He had a twin sister, Artemis, who was the Goddess of Hunting. Apollo was also famous for being an oracular god and had two cults in Delphi and Delos. People would come from all over the world to learn from Apollo what their future held. It was believed that, as the God of both medicine and plague, Apollo could heal people as well as cause disease by shooting people with his arrows.

Prepare your visit to Delphi with Kids by reading a book about Greek Mythology: 20 Best Greek Mythology Books for Kids

Delphi with Kids: The Omphalos

Where the Sacred Way turns to go up the hill, stop at the omphalos, the center of the universe. Kids can rub their hands on the belly button of the world (it’s a replica). Originally the omphalos was located underneath the Temple of Apollo, or near the Castalian Spring, the belly button seems to move around.

Delphi with Kids

Polygonal wall 

Check out the polygonal wall, a retaining wall for the temple of Apollo, not like retaining walls for your garden at home, except this retaining wall is thousands of years old, has withstood earthquakes, without any mortar to hold the stones in place. And on this wall are inscriptions of the names of freed slaves.

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Temple of Apollo 

The temple of Apollo was suitably grand. Out front, there were huge golden tripods and a gigantic statue of Apollo. Inside the temple, in the innermost room (adyton), the priestess oracle sat, dispensing divine advice. We learned that the priestess was usually a woman from a rich family in the nearby village, chosen to stay at the temple for the rest of her life. Although the oracle of Delphi is long gone, we felt the special energy of the place.


The Pythian Games were not just about sports. At Delphi, the emphasis was music and drama competitions—winning playwrights were crowned with ivy wreaths. This 4th-century theater is beautifully preserved, although you can’t sit in the seats and pretend you’re watching the show. From above the theater, there’s a wonderful panorama of the valley below. Have a look!

Delphi with kids


Follow the path up the hill to the stadium, where sports events were held. The stadium looks familiar, a long dirt field with bleachers on either side for the spectators.

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Don’t miss the stone starting blocks, where the athletes positioned themselves for the start of the race.

Delphi with kids

Delphi Archaeological Museum

After visiting the Delphi archaeological site, we went to the nearby museum. The museum is located within walking distance of the site. In the Delphi Archaeological Museum, your family can admire unique treasures such as the Naxian Sphinx, the Statue of Antinous and other masterpieces of classical Greek art.

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We saw many exquisite pieces found in the ruins at Delphi. Most stunning is the Charioteer, a 5th century BC bronze statue of a chariot driver—such incredible detail, you can even see the man’s eyelashes. There are also the bronze feet of the Charioteer’s horse, plus a marble copy of the omphalos, bronze shields, and sculpture from the Sanctuary of Apollo.

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The museum displays maquettes and explanatory material, making it an interesting visit for kids, too.

Delphi with kids

Book our Private Guided Tour to Delphi with Georgia

If you want to make sure that our guide Georgia is with you during your private tour, you can email info@familyexperiencesblog. We are happy to book your private family tour with Georgia.

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Book a Private Guided Tour to Delphi with Get Your Guide

If you want to book a private guided tour similar to ours, check Delphi Private Guided Walking Tour and Admission Ticket. This private tour is operated by a number of local licensed tour guides.

The tour is described as follows: The UNESCO Site of Delphi is set in a beautiful location, and your kids’ imaginations can run wild as they explore this ancient place. Be sure to have plenty of battery power and camera space – there will be lots of videos and photos taken this day!

Your guide will also show you around the accompanying museum and explain in a fun and informative way the significance of the exhibits and artifacts there. At the end of this tour, you will all know a lot more about Ancient Greece, the role of the Oracle, and perhaps find some deeper meaning behind the Greek Gods and Mythology.

For more information and booking Delphi Guided Walking Tour and Admission Ticket.

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Tips for visiting Delphi with Kids

  • If you visit Delphi from Athens, the journey is around 2-hour drive each way from Athens
  • Buy water before you enter the site
  • Bring a hat and sun cream. Especially during the summer months, the sun is very hot and there are only a few shady spots
  • If you visit in summer, it is best to avoid the site around noon
  • Wear sports shoes in the outside archaeological area
  • The site is not stroller friendly. Following a request, the north gate of the Ancient Theatre can be opened to allow a basic view of the site
  • Food consumption is not allowed
  • For guided tours, you need to arrange for a private guide before your visit. There are no guides at the museum or at the archaeological site.
  • If you visit with your own car, you need to park at the side of the road. Be careful crossing the road with kids.

Where to stay in Delphi?

Delphi village is a well-organized tourist town with many family hotels and other types of accommodation. Click here to find hotels and price information for accommodation in Delphi on

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Ganimede Hotel Galaxidi

We decided to combine our visit to Delphi with a beach vacation in Galaxidi. We stayed at Ganimede Hotel. Click here to find more information about the hotel and Galaxidi.

Book Day trips to Delphi from Athens with Get Your Guide

Delphi with Kids

If your base is Athens, consider a day trip to Delphi. For families, I recommend an organized tour with transport included. Have a look at the following tours:

Delphi Full-Day Tour from Athens

If your kids love Greek Mythology, they will already know the Oracle. Visiting Delphi will be a real treat for them! This tour starts in the morning at a meeting point in Athens and includes a stop for a stretch and refreshments. In Delphi, your guide will show you around the site, and explain all about the myths and legends associated with it. Did you know, for example, that Hercules first consulted the Oracle before setting off on his 12 Labors?

Included is a visit to the Delphi Museum and free time for lunch before boarding the bus for your return trip to Athens.

Click here for more information and booking your Delphi Full-Day Tour from Athens

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From Athens: Private Road Trip to Delphi

If your family prefers a private tour with a more flexible schedule, I recommend the From Athens: Private Road Trip to Delphi. Your pick up is from your hotel and you will visit Delphi by private car or minivan. You will be accompanied by your driver, a guide is not included in this private tour.

Click here for more information and booking your From Athens: Private Road Trip to Delphi.

Delphi with Kids

A trip to Delphi with kids is a must-visit when in Greece. The special energy in Delphi can be felt everywhere. The amazing scenery and views, as well as the thrill of watching world-famous monuments, is something I recommend every family in Greece to experience!

Delphi with kids

The European Cultural Center of Delphi

The European Cultural Center of Delphi will have a 10 million euros upgrade in the next coming years. The Greek Ministry of Culture said that the center’s upgrade will include a wide range of improvements such as the renovation of its exhibition spaces, the installation of new and energy efficient technological infrastructure, and a redesign of its main amphitheater. Plans also include the addition of an elevator to connect all levels of the center and interventions to allow full accessibility to the main amphitheater scene.

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