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Art in Athens for Kids: 1 April – Athens Art Workshops ‘Faces’

Art in Athens for Kids: 1 April – Athens Art Workshops ‘Faces’

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Children often use art to help them process their experiences and deal with overwhelming emotions. Art provides kids with critical sensory input and can help children express their feelings in a multidimensional way even if they lack the vocabulary to describe their feelings with words. This post is about creative workshops and art in Athens for kids. They are held in SGA Art Gallery in Kolonaki.

Art in Athens for Kids

The goal in this interactive workshop called ‘Faces’ is to approach art in a cognitive, emotional and aesthetic dimension. Kids will release their imagination, they will be able to express themselves physically and artistically. Creative activation, sensory perception and cooperation to learn and entertain are the focus.

The children will discover ‘Faces’! What is the first thing that we usually see when we meet someone … the FACE.
They can be cheerful, thoughtful, restless, serious, funny or smiling. Persons with special characteristics exist too. Or persons who have inspired painters to the yield on their canvases. Persons will inspire us to play !!

So through play and creation, the children will meet, they will get inspired and beautiful paintings will be made by the children.

For more information:

Athens Art Workshops offer children aged 5-12 years old interactive educational programs and artistically creative workshops allowing them to cultivate their skills, imagination and creativity. The workshops take place at the SG Art Gallery of the hotel. 
Participation fee: 10 euros.

Parents can enjoy a lunch buffet at La Suite Lounge Restaurant on the 6th floor.

For information and enrolment: Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 -14: 00
Tel: 210 7290875 Email: 

Athens Art Workshops
S.G. Art Gallery
St. George Lycabettus Hotel
Kleomenous 2 Kolonaki
Athens, Greece
+30 210 7290875

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