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Kids Spa Treatments at Grecotel Luxury Resort

Kids Spa Treatments at Grecotel Luxury Resort

16 Elixir Thalassotherapy Center Amid Gardens of Green and Graceful Palms 72dpi

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Followers of this blog know that I am a huge spa and wellness fan. I also love spending time with my kids. Bonding with them and time together whilst enjoying kids spa treatments would be ideal. I had this change during my stay at the mega resort of Grecotel Olympia Riviera.

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The Elixir Thalasso Spa Center

This superb thalassotherapy luxury spa of 4500m2 is located in between the beautiful hotels of the Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort overlooking the Ionian Sea and surrounded by lots of green grass and exotic plants. Its architecture is inspired by the ‘Rotunda’ at Ancient Olympia nearby, it is designed like a complex of Greek temples.

17 Elixir Thalassotherapy Center 4500 m² of Pure Pleasure 72dpi
Photo courtesy: Grecotel

The building is illuminated in the evening and brings you back to the sanctuaries of classical Greece. The spa combines the age-old wisdom of the Greeks who valued the healing properties of the sea, with an Ayurveda department, and modern wellness treatments. The overall atmosphere is formal but warm. There are treatments for children but guests without children don’t have to be afraid to be bothered by other peoples offspring; the pool and sauna are not allowed for children under 16 years old. As seen from the above photo, there are many treatments rooms. That is why it never felt crowded whilst we were there.   

32 Elixir Thalassotherapy Center is Designed Like a Complex of Greek Temples 72dpi
Designed like a complex of Greek Temples. Photo courtesy: Grecotel

Spa with kids

I had the change to first have some alone time in the spa. My children were being entertained in the resort’s kids club. I was welcomed in the beautiful white spa lobby by an Indian therapist in traditional clothing offering me a refreshing towel and some tea. The white marbled lobby had lots of daylight and there was also a shop with products and gifts. The spa works with Labiomer products. Besides the welcome drink, there were water carafes with herbs and fruits inside, dried fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks. I filled out the necessary medical forms and Eleni, the Spa manager, showed me to the changing rooms.

© grecotel
The beautiful lobby of the spa. Photo courtesy: Grecotel

The changing rooms are spacious with a minimal decor with attractive brown marble and wood. Lots of space to relax and to undress comfortably. Beauty products, slippers, disposable underwear, a robe, and towel were waiting for me in my changing room cabinet. I first tried the sauna. I liked the lemongrass in the sauna water bucket. I had a shower and tried the steam room after.  The next part of my beauty regime was the Thalasso Pool (Aqua Elixir Thalasso Round, Jacuzzi, Sauna & Hamman 1 Day 50E – 4 Days/150E). Surrounded by white columns and statues with lots of sunlight peeking through, I felt like a Greek goddess swimming in an ancient Greek temple. My therapist at the pool had explained the order of my hydro treatments earlier and he followed me around the pool and kept track of the time. My thalassotherapy was a customized sequence featuring water cannons, jet streamed water massage and bubble seats.

Thalasso pool at Elixir spa

I loved the jet streams massaging my shoulders. The thalasso program is effective for relieving stress, combating insomnia, relieving mental fatigue, and easing muscular and joint pain. In a state of ecstasy, I left the pool and was brought back to the changing area to shower and to prepare myself for my treatments. The thalasso pool is by appointment and it is advisable to arrange it one hour before your treatments.

Kids Treatments

My girls were waiting for me in the lobby, and and we met our sweet therapists Ms. Patroula, Ms. Angeliki and Ms. Marina. They were very gentle with the girls and made them feel comfortable. We went to a large treatment room, and we all lay next to each other on three massage tables. The girls were wearing their bathing suits. It was warm and cosy inside.

I had the Elixir Aroma Massage (50’/90E). This started with a light body-brushing performed with pure essential oil used as a natural exfoliating scrub. After, a total body massage followed. The total body massage is focused on soothing away tiredness, stress and alleviating tension, therefore, inducing relaxation. My therapist was excellent. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated.

Next to me were my girls. A bit uncomfortable in the beginning, they soon started to relax with the soft touch of the therapists. They had a Kids Massage (20’/40E – 45’/75E). All three of us left happy and relaxed. The spa menu describes as follows:

A unique treatment specially designed for chilren. Touch is a natural healing therapy. The Kids Massage is ideal for boys and girls aged 5 to 16 years. natural hypoallergenicoil is applied with a gentle massage. The qualified therapists gently massage the muscles andjoints (hands – back – legs – face- neck -scalp – hair). Regular treatments help to reduce tension and offer a snese of relaxation resulting in tranquil, restful and quality sleep.

Don’t miss…

For kids: the Kids Massage and the Ayurvedic treatments for kids. Adults: the Open Air Jacuzzi, the Thalasso pool and the Gazebo Open-air Massage.

Photo courtesy: Grecotel

Spa facilities

  • Aqua Elixir Thalasso Pool with water cannons, bubble seats, nozzles & shower jet
  • Cool Plunge Pool – Indoor Lap Pool (October-May)
  • Two Temple Open-air Whirlpools
  • Private & Outdoor Massage Rooms
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Beauty Salon/ Changing Rooms
  • Sauna / Steam Room
  • Relaxation Loggia with Juice Bar
  • Fitness room with state-of-the-art cardio fitness equipment
  • Personal Training Room


  • Body and Soul Elixirs / Massages (and Kids Massages)
  • Face treatments / Thalassotherapy
  • Treatments for couples / Ayurveda treatments and massages
  • Ayurvedic Treatments for children


Check out my previous blog post about Grecotel Olympia Oasis for more information on rooms and your stay at the resort. In my article about the Olympia Aqua Park you can read about the amazing new waterpark at the resort (included in the all-inclusive offer).

To Conclude

The Elixir Thalassotherapy Center at Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort is a shining example of how spa luxury and family-friendliness need not be mutually exclusive. While parents enjoy the spa, the kids are engaged in supervised activities. But it is also possible to enjoy spa treatments together. I enjoy nothing more than a day at the spa. As it turned out, my kids liked to be pampered, too. Family life is wonderful, but it’s great for raising stress levels at times: whether it’s your competitive siblings, demanding toddlers, moody teenagers, or indeed your own inner teenager… A spa is a wonderfully relaxing environment and a great place for a family get-together.  And if your children are too young, or they really do not like a spa, you can always escape to your treatments alone. The Grecoland kids club will take care of your kids.  For new parents learning that a “holiday” with toddlers is about as relaxing as training for the Olympics; you can schedule some spa alone time for the sake of your sanity and your family. Relaxing and/ or bonding together with your kids is definitely possible at the Elixir Thalassotherapy Center. 

Information and Prices

For more information: Eleni Kokedima – Spa manager Elixir Thalasso Spa Center. For prices and booking at Riviera Olympia Grecotel Mega Resort, please click here.

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*I was a guest of Grecotel Olympia Oasis and the Elixir Thalasso Spa Center. As always thoughts and opinions are my own*

Interested in other Grecotel resorts? Earlier this year, I wrote a post about family-friendly Easter at Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort 2017. If you want to read other recommended tried and tested Grecotel LUX ME resorts, have a look at my post: Luxury Made Easy at Daphnila Bay Dassia in Corfu island. For families who like waterparks, then also check out my review of the Grecotel Olympia Riviera resort in the Peloponnese on the mainland of Greece. The beach resort hosts a brand new Olympia Aqua Park, the largest in a resort in Greece. During our holiday at the Grecotel Olympia Riviera, my family also enjoyed a Spa & Wellness experience at the Elixir Thalasso Spa Center. For quiet holidays with babies, take a look at the newly opened Grecotel Casa Marron in the same district.

Have you been to a spa resort with your kids?

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