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Santa Run Chania

Santa Run Chania

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Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Celeste.

For the past eight years, the most entertaining charity event is taking place in Chania like in many other cities in Europe. It’s the Santa Run. Every year the whole place blossoms with Santas of all ages who parade within the city centre and old harbour giving the whole place a special colour. The Santa Uniforms are provided to the participants days before the event. Kids are allowed to participate only if accompanied by parents. This gives every family the opportunity to spend a different day with their kids which they will remember.

The money raised from the sponsors, donations and participants are for the benefit of the local institutions that provide for the less fortunate.

Its quite surprising that the rapid development and participation of the people in this event has turned it to be the largest in Europe at the moment.

The gathering of the Santas take place in the central market and a party begins in order to get the Santas warmed up with music, food, and whistles.

Then the parade is taking place through a specific route where loud music will also accompany the whistles creating a crazy celebrating atmosphere. 

The old harbour is the finishing point of the parade with bands playing live and also other parties are carried out nearby! If you ever visit at this time of year, you will agree so much red you have never seen before!

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