Greece in Autumn

Uncover the Magical Beauty of Greece in Autumn: Your Perfect Fall Travel Destination for the Half-Term Break

Greece is even better in autumn. It is crowd-free, affordable, and with perfect weather. During…

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Greece is a great year-round destination | 4 reasons why you should visit off-season!

Greece is a year-round destination Did you know that you can enjoy holidays in Greece…

Santorini with kids

Santorini with Kids in Autumn | The perfect family vacation

Santorini with kids can be challenging in the busy, hot summer months. But unlike many…

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7 reasons why travel to Greece in Autumn is great

Tourists may flock to Greece during the summer months in search of sun, sea and islands but autumn is actually a great time to spend in Greece. Here are my 7 favourite reasons to travel to Greece in Autumn!

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Best parks in Athens for Autumn

Parks can be found everywhere in Athens and nearby. This weekend we ventured out to the…