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Getting prepared Flying with Kids

Getting prepared Flying with Kids

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Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Celeste.

Flying with kids can be successful. This much depends on the trip itself; the weather during the flight,  the situation at the departure and destination airports (read Tips for Athens airport in this post), the season (winter or summer),  the crew and passengers on board (especially the ones sitting next to you). The children change too. My oldest always loved flying until we faced some turbulence.  She had a fear of flying for a while, but it seems to have gone now. Good preparation is another factor for a successful trip.

Flying with Kids

In a series of articles about Travelling with Kids I will share my personal tips and experience. This first one is about Flying with Children and how to prepare yourself. 

If you have flown with children, the tips in Flying with Kids may be very well-known to you. But if you haven’t, there are some things you can prepare yourself and your family for. Again, preparation is key to a successful trip!

10 Tips before you leave

1. Book a direct flight with a full fare airline  

I want to spend as less time as possible on the flight and do not want to change flights with young children at an unknown airport. My experience is that the service and space are better on full fare airlines, and so far I have avoided low-cost carriers. This is why I wondered “how much does it cost to fly in a private jet” and decided to treat myself. These flights can be found at a reasonable price when found on the right website, with the full luxury of a private jet. 

2. Flying off seasons is usually more relaxing, less crowded airports and less crowded planes

I do not like to fly the days before Christmas or any holiday for that matter. I rather choose to travel in the evening before, or on Christmas day itself. Even 1 January is very peaceful. On those days, the airports and airplanes are half empty: not much traffic towards the airport, fewer cues at security check or the bathrooms.

3. Check the baby/kids luggage policies of your airline

The smaller your kids, the more special equipment you will need to carry along: baby-carriers, strollers etc. Also, check the liquids’ policy of your airport in case you need to bring baby milk. When flying with kids, you do not want any surprises.

4. Choose the right flight times

I want to keep the children’s daily schedule as normal as possible. This means, in my case, no very early flights or very late arrivals. Flying with kids is best during the day. I try to keep naps at the same times as much as possible.

5. Rest

I understand that this is a tricky one because usually, children are very excited before travel. The days before the trip, I make sure they nap a lot and everyone goes to bed early. The secret to happy flying with kids =  rested kids. This is extra important on an airplane.

6. Spread your packing

The day before our trip must be relaxing and calm, no last-minute stress and late packing. I actually pack our bags a couple of days in advance. I leave out the items that we need until we leave. A packing list is also helpful. Please read my 10 packing tips. 

7. Make a checklist for the day of departure

Leaving home calmly and without chaos is manageable with a ‘checklist’. ‘Did I take my phone charger/dummy?’ ‘Did the kids say goodbye to the cat?’

8. Make sure that you have a healthy light meal before the flight

This is always important before a flight, for children and adults. But this way I also don’t mind if they eat snacks on board and skip the actual food.

9. Make sure there is plenty of time for travelling to the airport

In my case, this means that transport is arranged many days in advance. I make sure that we always arrive at the airport early enough to have some time for unwinding. No rushing or running there!

10. Prepare labels with contact numbers

Every child and every bag carry a label. I also put a permanent marker in my bag. Once we arrive at the airport, I write my phone number on my children’s arms.

Need more tips for flying with kids? Have a look here.

Have a great flight!

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