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The best Water park in Greece: The amazing Olympia Aqua Park

The best Water park in Greece: The amazing Olympia Aqua Park

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The Olympia Aqua Park

The Olympia Aqua Park is a brand-new exclusive water park in Greece of 20.000m2 in the Activity Park of the Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort. It is the largest water park in a resort in Greece. There are heart-stopping waterslides and rides as well as water park play opportunities for the little ones.

_A-multi-level-play-structure-including-waterfalls,-jets,-slides-and-a-water-volcano_72dpi _A-multi-level-play-structure-including-waterfalls,-jets,-slides-and-a-water-volcano_72dpi
The multi-level play structure including waterfalls jets, slides and a water volcano. Photo courtesy: Grecotel

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Water Park in Greece for young kids

For young guests, there is an Aqua Tower with over 100 aqua water games in a 1,200m2 paddling pool. This multi-level play structure includes climbing nets, waterfalls, jets, easy and more difficult slides and a water volcano. The best part of this fantastic play tower is the enormous tipping bucket on top that sends several hundred liters of water gushing down from above. Parents can enjoy here with their little ones or relax on the sunbeds around the paddling pool while watching their kids.

You are not alone here; there are many lifeguards around and there is a staff member at most slides assisting the guests going down safely. Further, each slide carries an information sign explaining the intensity, the difficulty, and a height/age indication showing if the slide is suitable for your child. We could have just spent the whole day here!

Are you excited to try it out? Click here for more information, booking and prices for Grecotel Olympia Oasis including the waterpark 

Spray Action Waterpark

Besides the Aqua tower, there is another fun feature for the little ones; Spray Action is a colorful area with spray games and water fun for even the youngest visitors.

water park in Greece

Water Park Coasters and more

The water park rides

Water coasters and water slides are everywhere whirling and looping above your heads. But there is more. There is a Space Hole; one of the largest rides for speed riding that creates the ultimate excitement because you are in an enclosed tube that ends up into a huge open bowl swirling you around the sides of the bowl like a centrifuge, finally ending with a big splash into the ‘hole’. My oldest loved this one and could not get enough!

And what about the Wave Slide; a long high yellow slide almost imitating the tidal surges. It is a high-speed ride offering adrenaline and fun because you can ride it with two. There is another one called the Black Hole. Again, a favorite with my kids.  She told me that being in complete darkness and having little disco light blinking around, almost took her to another dimension. Yours truly did not try it herself!

And what about the Multi Slide. This is a very long multi-lane mega slide ride on a plastic surf board, not a raft. The Looping Rocket is the scariest of all if you ask me. This is a real adrenaline ride, one of the highest drops that you can experience. It features a unique launch capsule that blasts its way 20 m into the sky! My family did not try this one but I saw many children and adults enjoying the Looping Rocket.

Looping-Rocket,-A-high-adrenaline-ride_72dpi Looping-Rocket,-A-high-adrenaline-ride_72dpi © Grecotel
Looping Rocket, A high-adrenaline ride. Photo courtesy: Grecotel

The blue and pink Rafting Slides offer more adrenaline doses. It starts from the moment that you reach the top of the slide tower. I climbed the stairs to make some photos and shoot some videos. The pine woods surroundings of the park are beautiful with a great view of the sea. Up there, you get a bird’s eye view of what’s ahead of you. Look down and see the dizzying ride below!

Plunge Pool

The water coasters end in a big plunge pool. In the middle is a section where you can swim. As mentioned before, all pools and all attractions are under strict supervision by a large team of lifeguards. Every ride has a multilingual lifeguard both on top of the ride as well as at the end. Some of them are communicating with radio’s. I felt extremely safe at the park.

Water park in Greece slides
Fun for all ages. My daughter plunging in the pool coming down from one of the water slides.

Facilities at the water park

Tired of the rides? A bar with colorful chairs in the middle of the park offers drinks and ice cream (not included in the all-inclusive Olympia Oasis). There are relaxing areas on the grass and plenty of sitting areas in the shade and a sun patio. There are towels, changing rooms, outdoor showers, and a first aid station. For more information on the waterpark, click here.

We all had a fantastic time at the Olympia Aqua Park. We enjoyed ourselves so much we did it again the next day. I recommend the resort and its water park to anyone looking for a great family get away with lots of water fun, excitement and family bonding in a clean and safe place. There is so much to do in the Olympia Aqua Park that it is good for a whole day of fun. I really hope to go back soon and try the big slides next time.

Take a look at the Family Experiences Blog YouTube Channel and see for yourself!

Information and Prices

Click here for more information and prices at Grecotel Olympia Oasis Family All Inclusive Resort

pinterest Family Experiences Blog Aqua Park Olympia Riviera Resort. Logo © Grecotel

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** I was a guest of the water park. It was part of our stay at the all-inclusive Grecotel Olympia Oasis. Click here for my real review on Olympia Oasis, Olympia Riviera Resort and the Olympia Riviera Resort Thallaso Spa. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Featured photo above this blog post with photo courtesy: Grecotel©Water park Olympia Aqua Park Logo © Grecotel **

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