Danilia Village in Corfu

Jul, 24, 2018

Danilia Village in Corfu is a mountain village located in central Corfu at 9 kilometres from Corfu town. It is a beautiful village that was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1953. A Corfiot businessman rebuilt the village in the 70s as an amusement park or open-air museum. The goal was to approach the atmosphere of the old city of Corfu by taking over the traditional village building styles and details. Danilia Village is now part of the Grecotel. During our vacation at Daphnila Bay Dassia, we visited this special place.

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Stepping back in time in Danilia Village

At Danilia there are two open-air squares, a graphic church, a traditional cafe, a large open-air taverna and an indoor taverna of Corfu Island. During events, the catering of Grecotel provides and cooks meals here. Walking down the main road, peering through the windows of shops and workshops…This excursion was truly a step back in time.

We saw a bakery, a blacksmith’s workshop, antique tools, a loom, a spindle, a pitchfork, ceramic pots, sacks, a mill powered by horses, antique tools and so many other special items.

The learning opportunities are endless in the Danilia Village in Corfu. It was great explaining to the children what purpose these antique items had in the past.

We also saw advertising and colourful paintings on the walls of the buildings. Inside the cafe, we found original newspapers from past times, books, coins and much more. We were offered a traditional spoon sweet with vanilla. Spoon sweets are sweet preserves, served in a spoon as a gesture of Greek hospitality. We found out that in the old days, people did not have ice cream. Therefore, on hot days, they would be dipping a spoon with vanilla in water instead.

It was very special walking through this special place and learn more about Corfu’s history and culture.

Movie set

The Danilia Village has hosted several movies of which the most famous the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”. It is also the movie set for the British hit TV series “The Durrells”.

Danilia Village is a must visit for anyone vacationing in Grecotel Corfu. It is a wonderful outing to make with children. 

We visited Danilia Village during our vacation at Lux.Me Daphnila Bay Dassia. Our review of the resort can be found here.

Click here for more information and booking at Daphnila Bay Dassia. 

Photo courtesy: Grecotel Hotels & Resorts

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