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Apr, 25, 2018

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It’s that time of year. Easter holidays are over, the countdown can begin. The reading logs have stopped coming home. Parents are frantically discussing end-of-year teacher gifts. My kids have begun the grand countdown to the Last Day of School. Summer is almost here and a long period (3 months in Greece!) of freedom is about to start.

If you are a parent in Athens or if you are visiting this summer, you may want to consider sending your kids to a summer camp.

Today’s options are far more varied than you might remember from your own childhood. There are camps that focus on music and theater, arts and science, language, sports, circus themes, and computers. Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes—friendships, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character— prepare them for bigger, brighter lives down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp.

Most of the international schools in Athens also organize summer camps. When my second baby was born, the summer camp of our International School gave me the freedom to spent that extra important time with the baby. Her bigger sister joined the English speaking ISA Melina’s Kindergarten summer camp offering many hours of water play, games and themed parties. It was also a great opportunity for her to learn more English.

I get a lot of requests from other parents regarding English language summer camps for their children in Athens. So I was happy to find out that activities platform Little City Spots has started listing them on their English page. Have a look here at the summer camp section for dates, prices, ages and more.

Have a great summer!


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