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Self-guided Audio Tours for Families

Self-guided Audio Tours for Families

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Last Updated on October 8, 2022 by Celeste.

Self-Guided Audio Tours Experience

Self-guided audio tours are a great tool to enhance your travel experience. It combines both the digital and nondigital within the physical presence of art, nature, neighbourhoods or buildings. Imagine walking around the National Garden in Athens while listing to a local’s insider story about its history, its hidden corners or special plants. Today’s many worthwhile self-guided tours are more akin to conversations than dry textbook excerpts, full of insider tips and personal narratives that take you off the main square and down streets where only a local would know to go.

Benefits of a Self-Guided Audio Tour

A self-guided audio tour allows you to go at your own pace. You can set your own schedule and admire your destination at your leisure. In contrast to most guided tours, you have control over the things that you will see and you can decide to stay longer at a monument or listen to the information once more. You have the ability to pause, to speak to your children or have a snack. Many audio tours offer the possibility to hear the info again on the plane ride home. You do not have to jockey for a position in the tour group in order to hear what is being said. You do not need to wait for other people’s questions either. Self-guided walking tours apps are ideal for exploring cities on foot. Finally, a self-guided audio tour is an affordable alternative to a guided tour.

Self-Guided in Athens and Greece

My pre-teen and I recently tried a self-guided audio tour in Athens by Clio Muse. Clio Muse is an award-winning app that offers self-guided tours by top local expert storytellers in multiple themes in Athens, Greece and Europe. History, mythology, gastronomy, art or kids? The number or themes seem endless.

The Clio Muse Family tours are suitable for young children or teenagers. In the Kids section, you will find tours with charming titles such as “Meet the Queen” or “Fish in Love”! My personal favourite? The “On the prowl: the cats of Athens” tour in the ‘Quirky’ category.

Don’t expect a sum up of the usual tourist information. Clio Muse stories the city in a unique and intellectual, yet, fun and contemporary way. Clio Muse is available for Android and iOS devices and in many languages. Each tour indicates the distance, the number of stops and the duration.

You need a smartphone or tablet to download the Clio Muse app. From there, you can access the tours. You can activate the tours at any moment you wish,  even if you are offline. You can also repeat the tour at any time.
An interactive map on your screen will guide you step-by-step as you explore all points of interest along your route. Each stop comes with a selection of stories. Use headphones to best enjoy!

Clio Muse Discount for Family Experiences Blog

Are you excited to try a self-guided audio tour? Clio Muse offers a 15% discount on any Clio Muse tour to the readers of this blog. To receive your discount you need to use the promotional code celeste2019.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Clio Muse Website
  2. Choose your destination and/or your theme
  3. Choose the tour you wish to take & click on “Add to cart
  4. Click on “View cart“, and before you check-out, enter celeste2019 in the coupon code box
  5. Check out and expect shortly an email from Clio Muse with your tour instructions
  6. Enjoy your tour!
Clio Muse TOURS

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