What do to with Kids in Athens on a rainy day

Oct, 01, 2018

It does not often rain in Athens. The city has a dry climate with hot summers and soft sunny winters. Nevertheless, the rain gods do appear once in a while, mostly in fall and spring. This does not mean that kids on Athens have to be bored. Mud puddles are great fun and there are many parks in Athens to find them. Prefer to stay dry? Find indoor fun where the mini citizens of the Greek capital can let go of their energy. Here are some places to visit on a rainy day in Athens.

*updated post from February 2018*

Running around and staying dry? Visit a shopping mall

I am not a huge fan of malls, but ever since I had kids, I am more than grateful for them. Although we prefer the outdoors, sometimes you need a different place to go, especially when the weather isn’t ideal. Athens has several shopping malls, spread all over the city. They are all fairly new and clean with good family facilities. My personal favorite is Golden Hall in Marousi. Here you can find a indoor soft play area for kids starting from 3 years old, another play area with computer games for older children and an Xplore Science park. The Golden Hall regularly organizes kids events such as Lego play time or cooking lessons. There are a few family restaurants on the top floor and an organized baby changing room, children’s toilets and strollers for rent. Don’t forget to check out the fish tank on the main floor. Golden Hall is centrally located in the North suburbs and can be easily reached by car and by public transport.

Photo courtesy: Golden Hall

Indoor playtime at Playmobil FunPark

If your children like Playmobil as much as mine, then this will be the place to be. Playmobil fun park is located at the National Road at a distance of 16 minutes from the city center. It is a large space full of corners with different playmobile themes (pirates, zoo, princess, police etc) that leave kids to play for endless hours. The setting is spacious and even on busy days, kids will always be able to play. Large boxes full of Playmobil are constantly moved around by the staff. There is a special closed area just for the little ones where they can safely play with the ‘baby’ Playmobil. No danger of small pieces here and this makes Playmobil fun park suitable for children starting from 18 months old.  I enjoy the (non-smoking) cafe next to the play area. Midday it is usually not very busy there and I find it a pleasant place to have a coffee whilst my children are playing.  There is also a small flower shop. The entrance in the weekend is 9 euro per child,  parents do not pay. For up to date information on the opening hours and ticket prices click here.

Visit a museum

There are several museums suitable for kids in Athens. Our favorite is The Acropolis museumThe museum regularly organizes events for families and there are guided tours designed for children. Families can borrow a Family Backpack from the museum’s information desk (you need to leave identification,  first-in-first-served-) With the educational package in these bags your kids can learn about the exhibits. The museum also hosts children gallery talks, there are video presentations and there is a series of children’s books and games that can also be found in their book corner and museum shop. My daughters like the Lego Acropolis model at the first floor of the museum and the book corner for reading. The outdoor excavations covered by class are another of my kids favorite. It brings them as close to archeology as possible. Best for children from 4 years old.

Goulandris Natural History Museum in the suburb Kifissia is another favorite of ours. What I like about Goulandris museum is its size. There is a lot to see but all in a very child-friendly setting. The preserved giraffe at the entrance of the museum prepares you for what is coming. The collection shows zoological, marine, rock and fossil specimens.  The next door GAIA center is suitable for older children and educates about Planet Earth, Atmosphere and the Solar System as well as Agriculture, Technology, and Science through interactive displays. The museum is stroller friendly and the facilities include a nice cafe and a souvenir shop. The museum can be reached by train and bus. There is free parking at the museum (but difficult to find a spot) and there are several paid parking stations in Kifissia. More info about the museum, prices and how to get there on their English webpage.

Indoor fun at the Athens Coast

Benaki Toy Museum

Housed in a fairy-tale mansion in Paleo Faliro, the recently opened Benaki Toy Museum is a celebration of childhood. Its private collection of more than 3000 toys with an emphasis on Greek ones dating from antiquity, the Roman, and Byzantine eras feature ancient dolls, toys, books, ephemera, clothing and other items related to children. Don’t miss it because this collection is one of the most important in Europe.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center combines a cultural center with a unique city park and multifunctional event building housing the National Library and the Greek National Opera. Sign up for a membership and participate in an endless program of all year long activities; arts & crafts, kids yoga, dance & theatre workshops and more. This place is a must-visit with kids in Athens.

The Evgenidio Foundation Planetarium

Twinkle twinkle little star….the Athens Planetarium is a great experience for kids in Athens starting from 4+ years old. This planetarium has excellent facilities with its main attraction the domed auditorium where a variety of constantly changing films are shown related to space and earth. The planetarium with courtyard cafe is located in Paleo Faliro.

Jump Around!

For a country with so many days of sunshine and such wonderful outdoors, it is remarkable how many indoor playgrounds Athens has to offer.

One of our favorites is located near the Athens airport. Sports Park is a great place to get all that energy out. I discovered the park years ago while trying to find a venue for my daughter’s birthday. You must know that I am not a big fan of indoor fun parks with electronics and plastic. They are usually too small, too busy, too crowded.

Sports Park is different. It is spacious, and offers many activities for young children, teenagers, and adults. There are bowling lanes, table football games, billiard, electronic games, roller skating, trampolines, restaurants, and bars. The best part is the enormous jungle gym. It is separated into different sections according the kids’ ages. Whilst I was playing with my baby in the soft play area, I could still watch my older one. The park is easy to access and has a large car park. The facilities are good and there is lots of daylight coming into the building. Find more information on the website. 

What to do with kids in Athens on a rainy day

Book a family lunch

Have you considered a family lunch? Several hotels in Athens organize weekend family lunch events. A family brunch or lunch is a great way for parents to relax and spent some quality time with their children and each other. Kids will have lunch and do not have to sit longer at the table than necessary. They are being entertained by professional organizations and are engaged in arts and crafts, theatre or other fun things to do whilst parents enjoy a relaxed meal. We love the St. George Lycabettus Boutique hotel and their Sunday Family Brunch, a successful event running each year in fall and winter with arts and crafts for the little ones and a kids movie and popcorn in the hotels screening room. The view from this hotel is one of the best in Athens.

what to do with kids on a rainy day in athens. Family Experiences Blog
View from the La Suite Lounge

Athenenian Grecotel Pallas Athena also organizes family events as well as the Athens Hilton hotel. 

Visit a play, dance or musical performance

Need inspiration for more activities? Check out Little City Spots search platform and find running events, shows, festivals, creative activities, art workshops and more according to price, location, amenities, category and the age of your children. Little City Spots lists running events in town, as well as permanent activities.

And if you are a fan of mud puddles, have a look at my post about the Best parks in Athens for Autumn . For more inspiration and things to do with kids in Athens? Do check out my list of favorite things to do in Athens here. Are you an in or outdoor person when it rains and what is your favorite spot in Athens when it is raining? I would love to hear from you!

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