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Travel in Greece with Kids during Corona | Relaxed and safe travels

Travel in Greece with Kids during Corona | Relaxed and safe travels

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Celeste.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a lot of messages from readers wondering what traveling in Greece with kids during corona is like. In this post, I sum up my personal experiences.

Update 14/05/2021

What is it like in Greece now? For almost 6 months – since November 2020 – Greece was under strict lockdown rules, and we were not allowed to leave our prefecture. That is the reason why we have not been able to travel besides within the Attica region. Masks are currently mandatory in and outdoors in Greece, including for children as young as 4 years old. Further, a negative test or vaccination certificate is necessary to travel to Greece. For an update on all currently measures, please visit Greece Corona Virus: Measures in Greece.

Travel in Greece with kids during Corona

I have started to travel around again. First in Athens and nearby and later on further away. Our first big trip was at the beginning of July to Tolo in the Peloponnese. After that, we visited mainland Greece. Soon we will be visiting the Saronic Islands. I wanted to share my experience here on what it is like to travel to Greece with kids during Corona.

Let me start by saying that it’s wonderful to be able to travel again and that besides some small practical changes it’s as great as always. We are not thinking about the corona crises during our travels. In that sense, travel is the escape that is has always been.

The only difference this summer (today is 18 July) is that it is quieter than usual everywhere.

Greece with Kids during corona

Face masks for the Corona Crises

We wear mandatory face masks at the airport, ferry’s, in public transport, touring cars and in all museums (and since today also in the supermarket). Tour guides wear a mask within the archaeological excavations. In the large shopping malls in Athens, some people voluntarily wear a mask (it is not mandatory there at the moment). Staff is restaurants and taverns also need to wear masks when they serve you. Children wear a mask too, there is no age limit.

Archaeological Sites & Museums

In large groups, an audio system is used during guided tours allowing for more distance between guide and visitor. We did this during some tours and that worked fine. In all museums, the staff was helpful and strict. A maximum number of visitors per museum or museum hall are allowed and in Delphi, for instance, we weren’t allowed to stay with an object too long to guarantee the flow.

All archaeological sites and museums that we visited in the past weeks were quiet. Keeping the distance was always possible. Hand gel is present at all sites and museums and often we were obliged to clean our hands before we were allowed to continue. Museum shops in the state museums and their restaurants were closed. So you need to bring some water yourself. The restrooms are open.


In all the restaurants where I’ve eaten in the past few weeks, the table layout was according to the guidelines of one and a half meters. The staff in taverns did not always wear a mask.


On all beaches where I have been in the past months, the sun loungers and umbrellas are at a distance larger than usual and there is extra hand gel etc in many places available.


At the time of writing this post, there are no strict guidelines for small shops. I tried to keep my distance from others, show courtesy and use common sense.

How is travel in Greece with kids during the Corona Crises?


I’ve been staying in multiple hotels for the past two weeks. Variating from 2 to 5 stars, of which two with a buffet-style restaurant. The protocols of the Greek ministry were followed in all hotels. One hotel had a staff member serving the food at the buffet. Another hotel offered buffet meals on individuals plates. Some hotels used covered serving bowls at dinner. Our temperature was also measured in two luxury hotels in Athens. The towels and bathrobes were packed in plastic in most of the hotels. We were further asked if we wanted to allow housekeeping.

Stay updated about the Coronavirus Measures in Greece

Finally, the rules and situation in Greece, and the rest of the world, constantly changes. My experience may be outdated soon. That is why I urge you to follow my post called Greece Corona Virus update: Measures. Here you will find the latest updates measures for Greece. You can also check with the official channels such as the EODY, the Greek health organisation (in Greek) about the current situation in Greece.

Enjoy your vacation

During our summer vacation, we felt safe and welcome in Greece. 2020 was a good time to visit popular museums and archaeological sites because it was less busy in those places. With the right precautions and a healthy dose of common sense, there are plenty of safe places in Greece to make beautiful memories with your family.

Feel free to write to me if you plan on travelling to Greece with kids and if have any questions!

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