Greece with Family – Why you should visit Greece with Kids

Aug, 26, 2021

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We believe that Greece is one of the best countries in the world to take the kids on vacation. Here’s why Greece is a great destination for family vacations

Family Vacations in Greece

Greece is a fantastic country for family vacations. Part of this comes down to the natural warmth that Greek’s show towards kids. Part is the fact that Greece is an incredibly safe country to travel in. Add in great beaches, warm waters, endless family activities, and a history dating back thousands of years, and you have the perfect family travel destination!

Whether you are traveling with toddlers, teens, or in-betweens, Greece has something just for you.

Ancient Sites

Do your kids love Greek myths and history? They will love their time in Greece! Greece is full of archaeological places and the ancient sites such as the Acropolis, Delphi, Knossos, and the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion are every history-loving family’s dream.

Amazing Beaches

Greece has some of the best beaches in the world, many of them are awarded the Blue Flag accreditations. Greece’s calm waters are suitable for younger kids, but there are also surf waters for adrenaline junkies and everything in between. Snorkeling in clear waters is popular with all ages, and every type of water sport is possible.

Family Experiences

In Greece, you don’t need theme parks. The country is very culture-rich and where ever you decide to go, each day will provide new experiences. Families can try the tasty local cuisine, walk around sunny boulevards, hike to ancient ruins, participate in outdoor sports or discover hidden street art in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. Kids will love carefree running around picturesque streets and alleys on the islands and petting the street cats!

The memories you create during your family vacation in Greece will be among the most precious.

Family Activities

No family holiday in Greece is complete without enjoying at least one hands-on activity that you might not be able to do during your normal days. What would your kids prefer? Would they like to visit a small farm to stomp grapes into wine, try a mosaic class, learn how to make traditional bread? Your kids will never get bored when on holiday in Greece!

Sailing the Greek Islands

Greece is well known for its beautiful islands. In fact, there are over 6000 of them! As you can imagine, this makes Greece a great choice for families looking for sailing holidays. In fact, there is no better place on earth to enjoy a sailing adventure with kids.

Excellent family hotels

Greece offers outstanding family hotels. On the larger islands is much choice in excellent family luxury resorts. These often offer things to do for older kids and teens, such as outdoor activities like horseback riding and water parks. But if your family is looking for a more authentic experience, there are uncountable boutique hotels and holiday villa’s to be found on the beaten track in the many smaller Greek islands and on the Greek mainland.


Celeste was born and raised in the Netherlands but lives in Greece for 25 years. She studied at the Dutch Institute of Athens underneath the Acropolis and currently lives with her family in an Athenian suburb. Celeste is the founder of Family Experiences Blog. Whether you and your family live in Greece or are visiting, this blog will show you the very best ways in which to celebrate family life here.

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