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Book an amazing Saywhatt video chat with me!

Book an amazing Saywhatt video chat with me!

Video chat with me

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Celeste.

A Saywhatt video chat? What if you had a question about your upcoming trip to Greece and you could just call the expert instead of scrolling through tons of family travel websites? Someone who has read your question in advance, done their research, and will help you in 15 minutes to get all the advice that you need.

Let me tell you more about a new way of communicating with my blog to plan your perfect family vacation.

Are you traveling with your kids to Greece and need more information about your trip? Do you need recommendations on your road trip, family hotels or hidden gem that are not mentioned on the regular travel websites?

 🤟🌎 Talk to the expert, MOI! 😉

Let me give you some examples of real questions that families have asked me over the past period.

Where should we stop for lunch on our trip from Athens to Thessaloniki? Are there any adventurous places to see in between Meteora and Volos? What hotel do you recommend in Athens for a family with one 2-year old? We are visiting Crete, should we stay in Heraklion or Chania with our family?

Saywhatt video chat experts

A saywhatt expert is a local, a traveler, an artist, an architect, a clubber, a foodie, or – in my case – a parent. It is someone that understands your needs and will give you perfect recommendations and advice for your trip. Hidden gems that you will not be able to find yourself easily. Or practical advice on where to find baby food in Athens, or on lunch stops during your drive from Athens to Thessaloniki.

Expert advise

My expertise is family travel in Greece. My special focus is on Athens, Attica, Epirus, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Crete, Rhodos, Evia, Ionian Islands, Sporades, Saronic Islands, and the Cyclades islands.

The subjects that I am most knowledgeable about are Travel w/ Children, Educational Attractions, Culture & History, Greek Mythology, Places to Stay, Beaches, and Food

How to book a video chat?

Go to the Saywhatt website > Click BOOK NOW. Fill out your question and information about your family. How many people are you and how old are your children? I will receive this information before our chat, so I can prepare myself and find customized suggestions for your family.

Do you have a quick question? No need to talk very long. You can just book a 5-min video chat with me. I will answer your question, and you will also receive an email with customized advice.

If you need more info? I recommend you book a 15 min video chat with me. We will have the time to look at your vacation and plan your hotel, activities, or itinerary better.

These video chats are held on Zoom via phone or laptop. I would love to get to know your family, so do invite them all to the chat! Together, we will find things to do in your destination that every family member will like, todds and teens alike!

Celeste was very nice, professional, and helpful. She read our plan and questions in advance and had the perfect answers and information for our needs. I’m not sure we could have gotten this information without talking to a local expert. Thank you! you helped us a lot.

Click to book your sessions

Click on this link to book your session: 👉

PS. In July 2022, there is a FREE video chat with me to help you plan your trip! Promo code: SUMMERTIME100 (summer promotion, valid until July 15th, 2022)

Celeste was super nice and very helpful ❤️


Not satisfied with your session? There is a money back guarantee! Contact SayWhatt and get a full refund 

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