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10 of the Best Archaeological Sites and Museums in Athens for Kids

10 of the Best Archaeological Sites and Museums in Athens for Kids

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Travel in the Greek world, then, just as today, was considered an important way to broaden the mind, learn about other, older civilizations or contemporary cultures and see for oneself the places made so famous by literature; to finally see first-hand the exciting and exotic places one has read and heard so much about. I truly believe that traveling is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children. And if you are a history-loving family, you will enjoy traveling to Greece. Are you ready to explore? In this post, we listed the best archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids.

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

Archaeological Sites and Museums in Athens for Kids

Over the past years, we have visited all the archaeological sites and museums with our kids in Athens. From the Acropolis to Cape Sounio, we have seen and done it all. Often with a stroller or toddler in tow. In the below summary, you will find the most family-friendly places in Athens for history buffs.

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

Although the Acropolis is not the most accessible site in Athens, it cannot be missed when visiting Athens. Because this is the most famous Greek monument of the ancient world and is known around the world. The Acropolis is the most complete ancient Greek monument still existing in our times and a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

Baby strollers are not allowed inside the Acropolis archaeological site, but there is an elevator available for wheelchairs, people, with diminished abilities, and parents attending two or more infants on her/his own. You can find the elevator near the main entrance of the archaeological site. You can book the elevator in advance (+30 210 3214172, +30 210 9238470). If you enter the Acropolis from its main entrance at the top, you will have to walk over some slippery steps and rocks (pictured above). The area around the Parthenon and the other monuments on the top of the Acropolis is paved.

For more information about tickets to the Acropolis: Acropolis Tickets

If you’ve never seen Athens, your brain’s a morass
If you’ve seen it and weren’t entranced, you’re an ass,
If you left without regrets, your head’s solid brass!
(Boys-Stones, 395)

The Acropolis Museum

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

The Acropolis Museum is modern and innovative. It has a wide range of artifacts from the acropolis and surroundings and the best part is that there are archaeologists on the floor, so you have direct access to people that really know their stuff. There is a kid-friendly area for reading and chilling, a Lego Acropolis, a great selection of books about ancient history and Greek mythology, and family programs. We love the Acropolis Museum restaurant with its wide kids-safe terrace overlooking the Acropolis. For fun games, videos and kids programs, check out the kids corner at the website of the Acropolis Museum.

Visiting the Acropolis Museum in Athens: Useful information

The Greek Agora

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

The Greek Agora was the hub of Athenian society. Nowadays, it is a large green area, where kids can run around and admire ancient monuments. You can see the Temple of Hephaestus, the Tholos, the ancient Parliament, where you’ll learn about democracy (and tyranny) in Ancient Greece. There is also the Monument of the Eponymous Heroes, where you will learn everything about the daily life of Athenians. A green and calm oasis in the center of Athens.

Read more: Athens with kids at the Ancient Agora

The Pnyx

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

The Pnyx is a large green hill near the Acropolis at about a 10 minutes walking distance. It is considered the birthplace of democracy. Here is where the Ancient Athenians gathered to make decisions about their city. Kids will love running around at the Pnyx and discovering historic highlights such as Socrates’ prison. From the Pnyx your family will have a beautiful view over the Acropolis and the city.

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

Find tours to the Pnyx and other monuments: Kid-friendly tours in Athens

National Archaeological Museum with Kids

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

Another must-visit when in Athens with kids is the National Archaeological Museum. This museum is one of the world’s most renowned museums and the largest in Greece. The National Archaeological Museum houses a remarkable collection of excavations from all over Greece. Kids will be impressed by the large statues and exciting objects from 4,000 BCE (!) onwards.

The Benaki Museum

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For history buffs that are interested in the more recent Greek history, from Byzantine to more modern history, Greek Culture, or Ancient Greek toys, the Benaki Museum is the place. In their museum on Pireos 138, teens will admire contemporary Greek artists.

The Athens War Museum

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

The Athens War Museum displays airplanes from past times as well as arms, uniforms, and documents. The museum has apps, games, and tours designed for children as well as children’s activities on special days. If you do not want to visit the museum inside, a walk through its yard is already an adventure. Your kids will love to see one of the first and oldest airplanes in Greece. Great for young kids too.

The Panathenaic Stadium

archaeological sites and museums in Athens for kids

Teach your children everything about the Olympic Games by visiting the Panathenaic Stadium. This classical and cultural monument of Athens is one of the most significant places not only for Athens but for all of Greece. The first Modern Olympic Games were held here.

It can get very hot during the day in the stadium and there is no shade, so an early visit is recommended. The stadium and the square in front of it are great for getting energy out. My kids love running on the tracks and feeling like an athlete. More information about visiting this unique marble stadium can be found on the website:

Athens Olympic Museum

IMG 20221111 091328

If you cannot get enough of the Olympic history, head over to the Olympic Museum in Marousi, Golden Hall. The museum opened in 2022 and features a permanent exhibition with the history of the Olympic Games. Through maquettes, visitors explore the Olympic Games in Antiquity, Ancient Olympia, and the Revival of the Olympic Games, ending with the modern Olympic movement and protagonists. The museum has 3 levels, featuring a shop, lounge, and elegant Cafe-Restaurant for a coffee break or lunch. The restaurant has a beautiful view over the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. More information can be found on the Athens Olympic Museum website.

The Lyceum of Aristotle

IMG 20180816 180315

The Lyceum of Aristotle is a great place for kids, with the freedom to touch things and wander around. Parents will enjoy sitting on the grass and relaxing while being submersed in history. This archaeological site was discovered in Athens in 1996 and first opened to the public in June 2014. The Lyceum is named after the Sanctuary of Lycian Apollo. It was the place where philosophical discussions and debates took place. It was the meeting place of the Athenian assembly before the establishment of a permanent meeting area on Pnyx hill in the 5th century BC. Here is where Aristotle founded its philosophical school, where he lectured and wrote most of his philosophical treatises and dialogues.

More archaeological sites and Museums

If you walk around Athens, you will come across many statues and small archaeological sites everywhere. Some of them are right in the middle of the street. For example, the Pnyx and Socrates’ prisons aren’t behind a fence that you have to pay to get in. Other impressive monuments that can be admired just by exploring the city streets are Hadrian’s Arch, the Monument of Lysicrates, the Roman Baths on Vasilisis Amalias Street and so much more!

In fact, you can even find archaeological finds inside the metro stations of the city center (Syntagma, Acropolis).

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