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10 Top things to do in Naxos with Kids: Fun-Filled Activities and Must-See Sights for Families

10 Top things to do in Naxos with Kids: Fun-Filled Activities and Must-See Sights for Families

top things to do in Naxos with kids

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Naxos, the largest and greenest island in the Cyclades, is an ideal destination for families. There are many reasons why we prefer this beautiful island with kids. Naxos is not a party destination, making it perfect for a peaceful family vacation. The beaches are relaxed, tranquil, and safe for children.

The island has many family-friendly historical sites, including ancient ruins and museums. But you can also find exciting mountain hikes, scenic landscapes, and wildlife. Horseback riding and boat trips are also popular activities. And like everywhere else in Greece, Naxos offers delicious local cuisine, introducing kids to new flavors and culinary experiences.

Things to do in Naxos with kids

top things to do in Naxos with kids

Whether it’s beach days, cultural exploration, or outdoor adventures, Naxos promises a memorable family getaway!

Here are some handpicked family-friendly things to do in Naxos with kids:

1. St. George Beach: A family-friendly beach near Naxos City, perfect for relaxing and playing in the sand. If you’re traveling with kids, Agios Georgios, the main beach in Naxos Town, is an excellent choice. It has shallow waters and all the necessary facilities. Children over 10 years old can also go scuba diving at this beach.

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2. Aqua Fun Water Park: Splash around under the Grecian sun without the sand. Fun for all ages!

3. Sail on the Aegean Sea: Explore the crystal-clear waters and enjoy a family boat trip with the kids.

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4. Windsurfing at Laguna Beach Park: Older children can try their hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing.

5. Old Town Archeological Museum: Discover ancient artifacts and learn about Naxos’ history.

6. Explore Naxos Old Town: Wander through charming streets, visit shops, and enjoy local cuisine. A private tour can help you make the most of your exploration. You can also opt for a private luxury mini van with experienced driver to take you around the island and the town.

7. Eggares Olive Press Museum: Learn about olive oil production and its importance on the island.

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8. Kastro of Naxos: Explore the medieval castle and enjoy panoramic views.

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9. Naxos Horse Riding Club: Explore the island’s scenic beauty on horseback. Suitable for all ages!

10. Visit the Temple of Apollo: Discover ancient ruins and learn about Greek mythology. To make the most of your visit, you can opt for a bus tour.

top things to do in Naxos with kids

Remember to take advantage of Naxos’ unique charm and explore its villages, beaches, and historical sites. Enjoy your family adventure in Naxos!

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