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Halkidiki Greece with Kids

June 4, 2017 0 Comments

Halkidiki has a very special place in my heart. One of my best friends' family country house is located in Kassandra, a two and a half hour drive from Thessaloniki. Ever since we met in high school, I have been going there for summer holidays at her family home. In our early twenties, we would spend endless afternoons at the bars on the hip beaches of Halkidiki's amazing coastline. Later on, we loved driving around the area with our fiancées. When we all got married and had our kids, we kept coming back. Because Halkidiki is very suitable for families and has some of the most beautiful family friendly beaches in Greece. With my local friends always showing us the best parts of this little paradise, Halkidiki will always be part of my family vacations.

Crystal clear shallow waters, endless white beaches on an infinite coastline, pine trees reaching the sea… It seems almost impossible to select my best beaches in Halkidiki Greece with kids. There are more than 60 beautiful beaches in this green part of Greece. Many of them have been awarded by the Blue Flag Organization. In fact, Halkidiki offers the most Blue Flag beaches in Greece. During my summer holidays in Halkidiki with kids, I have visited many of the below beaches. All of them have turquoise waters and very clean waters. I can definitely recommend Halkidiki with kids for summer holidays. Pictured above is part of Kassandra.


Nea Skioni

Nea Skioni is located on the western shore of the Kassandra peninsula, the first part of Halkidiki. The organized Nea Skioni has been awarded with the Blue Flag many times. The long clean beach is made of white fine sand and the waters are shallow. The best part of the Nea Skioni beach are the swings and the large playground directly on the beach.  The picturesque port next to the beach is good for a stroll in the afternoon. In summer time there is a small fun park located in the port. My kids loved watching the fish in the port and the playground. For adults, the friendly taverns nearby are convenient with kids.

Fourka, Skala Fourka

Another top family beach on the western part of Kassandra is the beach at Fourka or Skala Fourka. Fourka beach is 2.5 kilometers long, very wide and also awarded with a Blue Flag. The beach is organized with umbrellas, chairs, watersports and a lifeguard stations. There are many people but it never feels too crowded because the beach is wide. The sea is clean and warmer than in other parts of Halkidiki. The sunsets on this part of Halkidiki are breathtaking.  There are several taverns and beach bars right on the beach for snacks and refreshments. Its easy parking and there are showers on the beach. 


On the East side of Kassandra, Xenia beach at Chrouso is the number one family friendly beach. We can call this beach the ‘Maldives of Greece’. The sea is very clean, warm and has a turquoise color. This is a must visit if you are in Halkidiki with kids. The sea is shallow for a long part and you need to walk far in to find deeper parts. This all makes is very suitable for even the youngest children and babies.  The organized beach has white sand and beautiful green surroundings. There are several beach bars with food and drinks on Xenia beach and at some parts, there are watersports for older kids. It is a good beach to take a long walk along the waterfront too. There is plenty of parking spaces and you can park near to the beach.


The second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia, is quieter, more tropical and less organized that the Kassandra. The best organized beaches for families on the west coast of Sithonia can be found in the northern part in between Nikitis beach and Marmaras beach. All these have white fine sand and are clean and organized with several facilities. The sea is shallow and safe but some parts have some small rocks in the sea,  water shoes are recommended here. The sand at the small beach of Koviou is very soft and this continues into the water so there is no need for water shoes.

On the northeast side of Sithonia Rodia beach (Banana beach) and Lagonisi beach are very good for families. Both have sandy beaches, crystal clear water and are organized with sunbeds, beach bars and toilets. Rodia beach has a shower too and there are trees for shade and grass to sit on. Rodia is great for snorkeling.

The sea at Lagonisi is very calm because the island Diaporos, about a kilometer off shore, protects this beautiful beach from winds and waves. There are no restaurants here. Lagonisi is ideal for families with young children, there are always lots of kids around. It is also a good place to canoe. Be careful, at some parts there are sea urchins in the water.  

On the southeast part of Sithonia, you can find sandy beaches at Sarti and Sykia. The Blue Flag beach at Sarti is a gem and probably one of the best in Greece. It has everything that a family on beach holiday needs. It is organized, there are watersports, toilets, showers and endless facilities for food and drinks. The kilometers long beach here seems to have no end. Sarti has one of Sithonia’s longest and widest beaches with yellow and white sand. The sea has a sandy bottom. Because of its size, it never feels too crowded here. The direct view across over Mt. Athos is very special. You cannot find a better or closer view of Mt. Athos than from Sarti and Sykia. This is another one to be recommended when visiting Halkidiki with kids.

Sykia or Sikia beach also has a Blue Flag classification and is south of Sarti. The sea water here is extremely clean and clear.  As in Sarti, the beach here is long and wide. But this beach is less organized and less crowded. A plus is the camping on the beach. As mentioned earlier, Sykia has the same beautiful view over Mt. Athos.


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